Gary Parrish and Avery Johnson join CBS Sports HQ to break down Parrish’s post-NBA Draft Lottery mock draft.


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  1. I do not think Chet Holmgren is the number 1 pick. Orlando already has mobamba and bol bol. And I don't think Okc thunder will pick Chet either. It's going to be 1. Jabari and 2 Banchero or vice versa

  2. It's this simple, shy away from any big-men whose highlight tape features wild dunks, alley oops, ball-handling skills, and 3-poirnts shots. These skills work in high school and college because on any given night, they play against lesser competition. In the NBA, these players will face season men every game, and none of those skills will work. If a player's highlight tape does not feature individual post moves where a player gets the ball in the clear, and he makes his own move to the basket, you are looking at a busted draft. If I was a GM in the 1-10 pick, I would trade down to get what my team right now because there is nobody who will change a frenchise in the next three to four years.

  3. Loling at Murray going ahead of Sharpe. Sharpe is on Ant Edwards and Jalen Greens level. He legit has a shot to go number 1.

    At best Murray is just a slightly better version of Harrison Barnes.

  4. Remember center take 2-3 years to develop in the legaue. It’s rare when one plays great right away. Chet going have to hit the weights because his his frame.

  5. Had to check the date of the video when Avery started talking about Buddy wanting out of Sac… After hearing that, why the hell should we care what these "experts" have to say?

  6. how can he not know that buddy hield is no longer w/ SACRAMENTO??? & he just ran into him a couple of weeks ago.. he just said whatever came to mind w/o knowing anything..

  7. too me and I think others can vouch, smith is number 1 because, he's size, and also he's a better shooter out of the top 3 these guys are a talker about, with a lil weight up on him witch he can manipulate once in the lil and can dominate four the 4, to the 5 depending if they coach him right, but he's a better kd to me, he's an easy steal.. and mark my words, chet 7'0 with shoes 6'11 without and honestly have handles they didn't mention and also can shoot the three, he shoot more threes in highschool but college made him focus more on defense the offense even after proven his offense abilities, but they judge him, cause he showed out and I bet the wish they didn't judge cause Gonzaga would of recruited more behind to unleash him, but smith should be 1st and chet 2nd

  8. Keegan Murray at #5?? Please no… Yes, he balled out as a sophomore, but he did it at 22-years-old. He looks like a perfectly boring fit for the Pacers.
    Pistons taking J. Duren at #5 after the Kings take Shaedon Sharpe at #4.

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