The most powerful word in a marketing campaign is FREE.

So, if you are a tennis club owner, you shouldn’t be missing out on this powerful word for all your marketing.

In this post.

I’m going to share 5 ways that you can you free in your marketing campaigns from today and make sure that you remember them and also test them out, as soon as you can.

They are as follows.

1). A Free Visit.

Use a direct-response campaign and offer a free visit to your club.

Allow them to use the club all day and maybe even throw in a free lunch as well.

Make sure that you suggest to them that, they bring a friend too.

The more prospects that come to your club at one time, the better.

2). Free Sample Lesson.

Yeah, I know.

Many clubs do use this in their campaigns, but they aren’t using it in the right way!

I read a book last week, that talked about giving the “Client Experience” to every prospect that you have.

“It referred to how you treat the prospect or new client before, during and after they become a client”.

The goal is to give them a service that is so powerful that, they will tell all of their friends and family about YOU.

Think about that for a long moment?


Start using it!

Another reason why this “Client Experience” works so well is that 90% of all the service businesses out there are so horrible right now!

3). Free Gift.

Now, this could be anything at all.

Free tennis wear or gear.

The thing is too.

It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift either.

People love to get things for free and they will always bite on this offer here.

4). Free Event.

I told you guys about this one before.

Use postcards and offer a free tennis event to a target group of people.

My friend is using this marketing tactic here in Kansai to target company contracts.

You can do the same thing.

Also market this free event to schools, groups, and churches.

5). Free Bonus Or Discount.

Create a sense of urgency for your offer with this marketing strategy.

Offer half off on joining or an extra bonus for the first 50 people to sign up in 24 hours!

Make sure that you focus on the urgency too.

Use phrases like… “Act now or you will miss out today” or “This offer will not be repeated”.

When people read these types of (call to action) phrases, they will respond to them!

Okay, those are just 5 ways to use free in your marketing campaigns.

I would suggest you start using free as much as you can in all of your marketing and then remember.

Always collects their personal data and follow-up on them, at least 48 hours after they have used your free offer.

Last thing.

Combine the ” Client Experience” in all of these offers to make sure that you can close them later!

That way.

You will cash in on at least 90% of your prospects, which should also be your main goal for every marketing campaign that you give.

To tell the truth here.

I haven’t seen that many tennis clubs overused this powerful marketing tactic, so start leveraging it from today.

And watch how your tennis club starts to grow in months!

Source by Thomas Jay Daniels

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