A gunman killed 14 students and a teacher at a Texas elementary school on Tuesday, according to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. This is the full ABC News Special Report.


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  1. Them cop let this man kill kids for over an hour !! They made sure their own kids were out the school ‘ then decided to go after the shooter !! This could of been prevented! They let this man kill kids for over an hour

  2. My soul hurts for the family's loss I hope and pray the cops who don't go in and safe the baby's and the two women I hope they get fired and charged with murder

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  4. To the victims, famies you have my deepest condolences. For all people we must wake up now. Reports of mass shooter suspects are increasing. Monitor all things and report anything that looks wrong to the authorities as quickly as possible. It's better to be safe than sorry. We are all connected. We are all responsible for each other's safety and well being. Be strong…..people.


  6. The reason that the Republican Party, aka GOP, doesn't want Gun Control that would help protect children in school is that they send their children to a private school where the security is Supreme over public schools.
    One more item, the GOP gets large donations from the NRA!!!!

  7. Syncere condolences.
    Anti-abortion people are the same people who want to carry weapons whose only use is to kill. Is this logical ? Seriously!When people have weaspon whithout control they use it for any reason. As European, we don't understand so terrible injustice. American people should change this situation. Stop teers. Being serious and responsable to stuggle and build a better life.

  8. They half to put a end to this man if I was any of you I would not send my kids to school home school them pls unless they have people there who will actually protect them pls if you all do this they will half to do something kids are gonna keep dying it’s just gonna play over an over again an look what happen so called cops sat out side an listened to baby’s dying an sat out side an did nothing if they would’ve went in the building an did there job all them kids would’ve been alive or atleast most of them sad just sat out side an held parents back they could’ve saved there kids man that school just be closed down !

  9. such the big man he chose babies who couldnt fight back im sick of hearing mental illness!! he was together enough to save money to go arm himself with not one but two! he was well enough to hold conversations before hand on social media. he was well enough to tell someone hes gonna or has already shot his granma. well enough to chose a babies school why didnt he choose an adult work place or police station! I tell u why, he wouldnt have lasted 5 seconds thats why and more likely to have to stand infront of a jury as hes more likely to be taken alive verses rotting on deathrow!! every decision calculated!! ya'll stop giving mental illness as a defence. hes far frm mentally il

  10. Enough blah , blah , blah. The last 20years , just blah, blah, blah. No talk needed except to
    secure schools with security just like we secure civic centers that have events , we must secure schools with security just like we do our state capitols, and our national capitol , no matter the cost . And one point of entry.

  11. It's super sad when children get shot it seems like it only matters to the news when it's a mass shooting 68 children have been killed murdered by gun violence no one said anything about that in 1 state our cities have gone to h*** and children are getting shot every single day and the only thing they care about is a mass shooting

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