In her first interview since a jury found in her ex-husband Johnny Depp’s favour, that a column she wrote about domestic abuse was defamatory, Amber Heard says she stands by the testimony she gave and would do so to her “dying day”.

Speaking to Savannah Guthrie from NBC News, Ms Heard said she had “so much regret” and that the relationship was “very, very toxic. We were awful to each other. I made a lot of mistakes, a lot of mistakes. I have always told the truth.”

Watch the interview in full.

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29 Responses

  1. Research Depp's arrest history in Canada, UK, & US, then research how many lawsuits he's been in because even his past body guards had to sue him for past due wages so he didn't respect or pay his employees!

  2. I believe her when she said the court case was the most humiliating thing that’s happened to her because the DV and SA never happened to her in her relationship to Mr Depp. She has used her looks to get her to where she is but her heart and mind are tainted. She is a pathetic liar.

  3. Who recorded the other one's voice? That reveals the playful real actor. She wasn't aware of his deep game, for me he's been nasty, overall, the relationship wasn't a happy one, and the two of them were to blame, but not her only. Of course the female fans of him don't agree.

  4. The “I felt less than human” part was so set up, The way she tries to come across with the eye squints and the pausing for dramatic effect

  5. The faces she pulls is so unbelievable, She tries to make a statement with a weird pause and then a face that’s meant to come across as powerful or something. She needs to not be given a platform

  6. Even here she is stuttering and stammering because she is not able to LIE good enough! People who are telling the truth have a smoothness of speech..this is just sooo weird! Who talks like that? It just whackadoo. How deluded and arrogant.

  7. She's plastic. Her looks are trash. That's not beauty. Fake cheeks, lotta botox and or fillers, nose, lips. Really unattractive now please she should be charged for perjury and go to jail etc

  8. It seems she works scenarios out in her mind. And when reality doesn't match her scenarios, the conflict in her mind causes her to be physically abusive. I believe that she does live in her own reality, and rules, laws, and taking accountability, don't apply to her.

  9. I love how the interviewer explained that the first amendment is about protecting freedom of speech and not protect lying 😂😂😭

  10. Why on earth does she think, the world was under the impression that jhonny Debb had scissors for fingers. I'm so confused. Surly theirs a logical story behind this.

  11. Why does she pull such aggressive angry facial expressions when answering questions she doesn’t like – I love how her life is over – love it –

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