**Warning: This live stream will contain details some may find disturbing. Please watch at your own discretion.**

Happening in court:
The defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continues for a 5th week – as Kate Moss could be the latest celeb to take the stand

Depp sued Heard for $50 million following a December 2018 op-ed in the Washington Post in which she accused him of domestic abuse, despite not naming him. Amber has now countersued the actor for $100 million.

The trial is expected to take six weeks, with testimonies expected from Paul Bettany. Elon Musk and James Franco will no longer testify. Both Heard and Depp, who has denied abusing Heard, will also take the stand.

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32 Responses

  1. “That’s why I wrote the op-ed.” Amber wasted a large part of the courts time trying to dismiss the case because she denied writing the op-ed. If this wasn’t televised the world would never get to witness all the evil that is Amber Heard. Some say it doesn’t matter whether Johnny wins or not, but I honestly want Johnny Depp to win this case. Justice must be served for all the victims out there, female or male. The fact that there are no medical reports of any of the horrific physical abuse Amber claimed to have suffered multiple times at the hands of Depp did it for me in this trial. However, Amber has loads of pictures of Johnny passed out. What?!

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  2. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Trial.

    What I learnt :

    Camille is a human version of a lie detector test

    Amber doesn't swell

    We need a psychiatrist after watching Dr Spiegal – remember , the psychiatrist

    "Mega PINT" is my new favorite term.

    Objection , Hearsay , Speculation are words that hold the MOST power.

    Amber Heard is the only person to cry without tears and will get rid of the invisible tears by wiping the forehead.

    Amber can travel back in time and use products from the future.

    Judge Penney is a synonym to patience AND "Pledge" is not synonym to "Donate".

    And and and.. Amber wrote the Op – Ed . (that was an oops moment. dont tell anyone)

  3. It's AquaMAN! not aqua woman! They Can not compare Jason Momoa to Amber Heard, come on! She is just a supporting actor, Jason is the star of the movie! Her lawyers make her seem the superstar!

  4. Ironman!!!! They recasted Cuba and he didn't skyrocket after that if anything his career tanked after that he never got to be the second Ironman.

    I'm here screaming.!.! 😭😭😭😭

  5. the world is in denial Amber, they r trying very hard to ignore the truth. you know what you went through and you have stood your ground despite the haters and their comments. you have spoken for many women and am so proud of you. square your shoulders miss Heard. you r a legend. receive a big hug from Africa. i love you girl

  6. I have no doubt that Amber is a victim to violence abuse, coming from my own experiences of domestic violence over 30 years. I have no doubt in my mind, that Amber is telling the truth. I believe these two were a toxic couple together, and more than likely did have some really good memories when they were both sober. I just hope that this will soon be over, forgotten, and a lesson in life.. Good luck to you both 🙏

  7. There was a young lady named Amber
    She dressed like colonel sanders
    she tried to lie
    but couldn't cry
    So Mommy Camille spanked her

  8. Its Friday, is it over yet? send them both home with no money, stay away from each other ,get a life, the movie will be out this summer, split that check in half and keep it moving,on lifetime the end of the summer

  9. What is up with these hairdos that Amber heard is wearing? I mean these are really hairdos of a crazy person wrapped around her head her hair pinned under to make it look shorter but the sides one side is long what’s going on with that it’s certainly not going to start a new trend it’s just kind of crazy bizarre anyway that’s what this trial has become hasn’t who’s crazier what’s that got to do with defamation trial? You don’t have to be crazy to defame someone ! Maybe it helps I don’t know I’m not gonna turn eight but seems kind of bizarre because let’s face it there’s been some crazy stuff going on in that household and I’m sure they are just embarrassed and humiliated that everyone knows now what kind of life they lead. And when she says I just want Johnny to leave me alone but they’ve been divorced now six years is he chasing her is stalking her maybe he would’ve left her alone if she hadn’t called him a wife beater I don’t know I hope neither one of them win but of course I’m leaning toward Johnny and I’m sure he has some jealousy going on but she gave him every reason to be jealous cheating on him and doing saying all the things I’m sure he’s very relieved that she’s gone and he’s not bothering her now I’m sure he’s happy to have her out of his life which is what he said but I do not see him as a man losing control and beating her with his fist or smacking her Face knowing that she’s going to be filmed and pictures taking and with all those rings he wears he would’ve tore that face up if he would have touched it! #hamburger!!!! And by the way I didn’t know and by the way I didn’t know who she was either before this trial. And I really don’t care to know more about her after this. Please stop doing your own hair or fire the one that is doing your hair that’s a crime!

  10. around hour 6 elaine was literally trying so hard not to let the witness talk, cause she knew he would reveal the actual truth about heard. and the fact that clear, proven perjury was allowed, but such a simple testimony wasn't tells you how many clowns there are in the American law system.

  11. She had been speaking up for ages and Depp's abuse was able to continue. She should have had help to get away from him.

  12. Debt refused to allow psychiatrist Dr Spiegel to examine and test him. Debt doesn't want people to see exactly how crazy he is.

  13. We didn’t see these endorsements, because she is a mediocre actress and not memorable. I had no clue who she even was until she got with Johnny Depp and made her crazy accusations. I actually had to look her up and found that she was in movies I had seen (Zombieland – played the neighbor in the beginning who turns into a zombie), but was so bland that I couldn’t even recall her “roles.”

  14. In the Depp testimony, Heard's lawyers say simultaneously
    1. Depp does have the eye bruise before boarding the orient express with a picture.
    2. And that Depp doesn't have an eye bruise whilst on the train with a picture.

  15. Amber Heard sits there like Queen Muck ! Haughty, chin in the air, supercilious looks hidden behind fake attempts at demureness. She looks thoroughly miserable, and if she hadn’t carried out such evil acts you’d have to feel pity. She’s just sad

  16. I don't like amber heard atty Elaine..huh when she question the witness she ask questions a lot bit if the depp atty all are hearsay ….grrrrrr crazy atty

  17. It's horrible how in the big media the recordings are a lot of times cut just showing a little bit so people don't understand how Amber and her team are always trying to manipulate situations. TV and magazines are the worst.

    On the internet where recordings are shown in full. Without being cut according to interests, almost everyone say: _Justice for Johnny Depp.

    Amber Heard is a frequent drug user too like Johny. The only difference is that Amber, as she is younger than Johny have less bruises coming from drugs abuse than Johny . Johny admit ib the trail an alcool and drug problem that he and she had . So after this his team talk about the trial Johny Deep bring the proofs (audio, video, police testimonies) about the violence and Amber Heard is always trying to not talk about that because the proofs and the recordings that show she is lying are crushing is case. And she try to talk about the drugs because is the only thing that is true. But the two took consumed and took drugs a lot; Everyone that are close and lived with them admit that and even Amber Herd witnesses admit. But you only talk about Johny Deep taking drugs.

    All the work of Johny's team is focused on showing evidence of what happened and presenting people as impartial as possible who witnessed what happened.

    John and is team show how Amber tried to get him more money through blackmail. And when she saw she didn't get everything she wanted. She invented a story that she or her team spread throughout the media where instead of her always being physically violent towards Johny and not letting him move away when she started that physical violence as the recordings show , is the opposite. She said Johny is the abuser in that story and she sells that story to the press.

    Amber and her team are focusing their case on witnesses paid by her to convey ideas that benefit them but who never witnessed anything that happened. And they try to draw attention away from everything that is evidence and witnesses who know what happened. For example, Amber lying saying she paid the donations and actually didn't paid anything. How impossible it is to have the marks she presented and be the next day as she appears in the photographs and footage and as the witnesses saw her without any marks. As the only people who said saw her marks were her friends (who lived because of the friendship they had with Amber in Johny's houses without paying for months and months) . All this friends lived taking advantage on Jonhy Deep's money through Amber. And how Amber friends said they called the lawyers and the lawyers told them to rehearse the story together and call the police for a second time with the story straight. And even like that the police dont think they saw any domestic abuse.

    it's so unfair. its horrible the manipulation and injustice of some media. Is because of that people in the internet (where they see all the trial and where they words are not edited) are so motivated on the Johnny Deep side.

  18. सर आप बहुत अच्छी विडियों बनाते हो इसी तरह भगवान आगे बडते रहे 😘😘😘 हम गरीबो का अशीर्वाद हैं

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