NBC News’ Lester Holt shares his closing thoughts on America’s ongoing crisis with gun violence, following the shooting at a July 4th parade in Highland Park, Illinois.
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37 Responses

  1. This is what happens when insane and asylums get closed. Now the loonies are running loose in the street and also they can breed and get public assistance and do whatever they want to do they need to bring back the insane psalms if they do that and put these people in these care facilities and give them the appropriate treatment we wouldn’t have this issue.

  2. It’s really funny to see Americans be scared and angry of mass shootings everyday and at the same time when someone suggests stricter gun control and laws they get their panties in a bunch 😂

  3. Guns were sold in the Sears catalog so your arguments are invalid about the ease of use. The 2nd amendment isn't about hunting. Never was. It's about stopping invaders. Foreign…and domestic. Every fascist government has worked to disarm their people. Stop blaming guns. We won't give them up and you can't afford to take them.

  4. as an Asian planning to go study abroad in the US… im terrified. american gun violence is insane. i have made some plans to study here for college for 3-4 months, but ig i have to cancel all of them. this is so ridiculous like how can a country have an extreme amount of wealth but cannot ensure its own people the bare necessary which is safety. at first i was like yeah america’s big asf so gun violence was rare but after seeing all those sh00tings…. i think i have seen nearly 20 sh00tings in the us this year on the news

  5. Cops in Iceland don’t even carry guns, and in the US, people with criminal behavior can legally walk through the street with a tactical rifle on their back. Seems insane that people can’t make the connection of why we have so many shootings.

  6. China has proven right again that multiculturalism and diversity dont work. America to China is like a young teen trying to show his dad hes smarter and he knows it all 😆

  7. I'm Terrance E Leflore, I have gun control solution that is sure to lower or end gun violence in a whole. My plan includes banning all firearms to the home only and no more carrying on the streets and if anybody gets caught with a gun on the streets registered or unregistered they will face an automatic 10 years in prison.

  8. No leadership….No Guidance……The Government is not Great…So many old Racists people…white,pale face people With no remorse for blacks or life..Greed……Money, NO RESPECT FOR CITIZENS….HUMAN BEINGS..WE ALL BLEED THE SAME.

  9. What else do you expect. They continue with the same old same old that has turned Liberal run cities in to murder zones. Chicago Detroit Baltimore. That's what they want for the rest of the country.

  10. Imagine living with the loss of a loved one ALL YOUR LIFE !
    Stop the three hundred year old COLONIAL MENTALITY and BAN guns from ordinary citizens. The law enforcement agencies are there to protect you. Those who disagree have to live with a guilty conscience forever.
    It's that simple.

  11. VOTE. Right-wing extremism is ruining this country. VOTE BLUE IN 22 & 24!!! Get these nut biscuits out of office so we can protect women, children, and the earth.

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