A video of an orangutan grabbing a man through the bars of a cage has caught the eye of millions of people. The viral video emerged on Tuesday after several people circulated it. In the video, a man is shown approaching an orangutan enclosure with his arms out as if to grab the primate.v What seems like a cute moment between a human and ape suddenly takes a turn for the terrifying as the orangutan, named Tina, quickly grabs the t-shirt of the man and pulls him toward the enclosure.

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Source: pastor Evan Live, Makomborero Haruzivishe, https://www.indy100.com/viral/orangutan-attack-zoo

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  1. Fun fact: the guy being pulled actually provoked the Orangutan, he was trying to be an Influencer and as we know Influencers are dumb bastards who enables bad behavior. I just hope he would pick a Gorilla and a Chimp next time

  2. And that's why children don't come close to an animal's cage, they may not like your face but they sure like your taste. Yes in that video it is BS he can come that close. There should be a walkpath and has a ditch or a separation between the walkpath and the animals cage. Regards from Banyuwangi

  3. This is very dangerous i saw a video for woman her face ripped off totally because of Chimpanzee attack, you think they are nice animals but they are very dangerous more than lions .

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