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Becoming the #1 YouTuber by Ruining Everyone’s Lives – YouTubers Life 2 – Let’s Game It Out


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More about YouTubers Life 2 (from Steam):

Create your own channel and decide which is the best content to cover: trending video games, improvised streamings, professional reviews… Or all of them!

Collect cards to make the best content and choose the most suitable reaction for each video and situation.

Record, edit, and publish high-quality videos to get your first subscribers and views, and make money in no time.

An entire team of superstar youtubers arrives at NewTube City!

Meet PewDiePie, Rubius, InoxTag, GermanLetsPlay, Crainer, WillyRex, LaurenzSide, and more to live new adventures along the way, and get their exclusive rewards to boost your channel. Collaborate with top experienced content creators to make your way to fame!

Discover every corner of the city! Record videos on the way or post photos on Instalife, capture popular trends. Investigate each location to discover secret areas, iconic characters, and new missions to win exclusive prizes for your videos.

With three main neighborhoods: Downtown, City Hall, and Port, you’ll have lots of places to explore, shops, cinema, gym, and even a disco. Find new trending topics in each place to create amazing content!

Improve your setup and identify trending topics to produce viral videos. Join forces with powerful allies, gain access to unique VIP events, unveil worldwide exclusives, and expand your social media presence to keep climbing up!

Interact with the community to make new friends and develop relationships with them. Find your soulmate on your way to fame. Meet popular youtubers and help them to receive new items, cards, and skills!

Design every aspect of your character and your place by buying all sorts of clothes, items, furniture, accessories, and much more. Expand your flat and express yourself to the fullest with more personalization than ever!

A whole new way of playing is waiting for you! New social media channels, new locations, new content, new customizable options, new features, new quests…
Stay tuned to know which content works best on each social network!


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  1. Josh I know you're not going to see this comment but I'm putting it here anyway raft has a new update and there are living breathing human beings for you to torture it is delightful

  2. If you haven:t already-you and GrayStillPlays should do a collab! You two are some of the only people able to make me laugh so much!

  3. You should play astroneer again also for the new people you should tell them how to pick their stuff up next time cuz I'm new and I keep dying lmao

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