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The video today is the last part of a highly requested video about my
detailed hair routine for 4c natural hair.
To my beginners or all my 4c naturals who still struggle with their natural hair journey: if you were looking for the best hair regimen for 4c natural hair you’ve landed on the right page! Take notes girl!

Go and view the first parts to catch up asap if you haven’t already:

Fyi, I’ve been natural for the last six years now,
therefore I know quite a few things that can help your African textured 4c hair in this natural hair journey of yours.

If you’re wondering about the following:

Hair routine for healthy 4c hair growth?
Hair care tips for 4c natural hair?
Or Hair care for 4c natural hair?
hair care for dry damaged hair 4c?
Best hair regimen for 4c natural hair?
4C hair growth journey?
Any hair care for 4c hair?
Or hair care routines for 4c hair?
What hair care products for 4c hair?
Some good blow dryer for 4c natural hair?
African threading 4c hair?
Or African threading 4c natural hair?
Some heat protectant for 4c natural hair?
Hair clips for natural hair?
why is important to develop a consistent hair routine?
As 4c naturals, why do we have to develop a consistent hair regimen?

You have landed on the right video!
I’ve covered all these topics and more in this last part of my trilogy.
I hope you find something as interesting as useful in this detailed
4c hair naturals guide video.

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  1. Hey girlies, what's up? Finally the last part of my detailed hair routine for my 4c hair ✨️ ☺️. Anything essential you think I forgot or you feel like adding in this list? Feel free to share! Let's hope you find this helpful pray and go watch the previous videos if you haven't yet! Links in my description box 😉

  2. Thank you for all the info you provided us on this 3 part Series 👌🏾🙌🏾 I have learned a lot on what to buy and what not to…

    By the way congrats on the 200 subs 😉 your consistent with great content is paying off.

  3. I loooove shanilia26 toooo. Couldnt quite figure out what blow dryer she was using on her daughters hair girl thanks for the heads up! ☺ u the plug! Where did you get yours?

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