‘That’s momhood’: This B.C. woman was nursing her 4-month-old when she sprung into action.

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31 Responses

  1. She is badass!! Nursing AND fending off and eagle from her pet. Maybe she should keep the chickens in a large open but enclosed coop so that they don't kept getting snatched by eagles. Sounds awful.

  2. "The eagle attacked the goose" – meanwhile the goose has the eagle's entire ass in its mouth and would swallow the rest if it wasn't for the naked woman messing up its surprise lunch.

  3. Just for that stunt, I'd find that bird and put my accurate powerful quiet air rifle to work in order to make sure the fu..er never returns. For those who love birds of prey, here's to you: 🖕Illegal is only a sick bird.

  4. I think it was the other way around. I think Frankie had the eagle by the butt feathers and let go when Mum came out – that Woman is amazing – what a great story!

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