HPLC Columns

High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) is a practice in analytical chemistry. It is used to identify, quantify and separate each single part in an element. The HPLC Columns uses pumps pass a liquid solvent under pressure which contains the sample mixture via a column full of the solid absorbent element. Each particular component in the mix […]

Business Plan Tips for a Restaurant Business Plan

We’ve covered the basics of writing a restaurant business plan in another article, but here are some more tips to help you really make your plan pop and create an extremely positive impression on your partners, lenders or investors when you present it for their inspection. Do add an extensive appendix You can throw everything […]

Brinell Vs Rockwell Hardness Test – Compare and Contrast

The Brinell and Rockwell hardness tests can be used to evaluate the hardness of a wide range of metallic materials. When either test is performed accurately to procedure each will produce a reliable hardness rating to compare to other materials. While both the Brinell and Rockwell tests are consistent, they produce values of hardness on […]

The Importance of the Chain of Custody

In any criminal trial, it is important for the prosecution to be able to establish the chain of custody. The chain of custody is the “movement and location of physical evidence from the time it is obtained until the time it is presented in court.” This issue is particularly important in the world of drunken […]

Importance of Melt Flow Index Testing in Polymers

Polymers are used in manufacturing a wide range of products. A good quality polymer can bring profit and branding, whereas low-quality polymer can bring safety issues, sales loss, and downfall in branding. Hence, an efficient polymer test method is used by manufacturers to rank the polymer material by evaluating its melt flow properties. Why is […]

Resume Cover Letter – How Being Selfish Kills Your Job Search

It’s wonderfully human…we all have our self-indulgent, downright selfish little moments. Relaxing in a steamy bubble bath, candles glowing, sipping wine, jazz playing, nothing in the world but you and happiness. Or kicking back, feet up in front of your favorite movie, freely popping a 2lb. box of Sees Candy in your mouth, grinning, with […]

ITEC Massage Questions – Sample Revision Questions

The ITEC Holistic Massage Diploma is broken down into 3 units: Holistic MassageAnatomy and PhysiologyBusiness Awareness and Professional Conduct The Anatomy & Physiology section of the course requires the most work and this is the area that students find very difficult. Having a resource that includes Massage questions, particularly Anatomy & Physiology questions, is vital […]

Chemical Analysis of Sodium Chloride

Introduction Sodium Chloride determination Evaluation of salt concentration (sodium chloride) present in foodstuffs is very important mainly for the reason of preservation and taste of the food products. Total chloride in the food is usually determined and can be presented as sodium chloride content. Insignificant components of foods may also provide chloride ions but those […]

Handwriting Analysis – 5 Misconceptions Answered

Handwriting analysis (graphology) shows how a person thinks and acts, along with their emotional balance, maturity, and much more. It denotes past conduct and displays potential for future behavior. The fascinating thing about handwriting analysis is that you can interpret beyond the persona; subconscious personality is revealed. Common mistaken beliefs about handwriting analysis abound, such […]

How to Understand and Use NCE’s and Stanines

Some scores on an achievement test are less meaningful than others to parent educators and classroom teachers. The normal curve equivalent, commonly referred to as the NCE score, falls into this category. If a score lacks meaning, it often lacks usefulness and is considered irrelevant as well. Nevertheless, because NCE’s are part of most achievement […]