It’s a growing battlefield in America’s culture wars: education. A conservative-led movement is cracking down on what is taught in schools, and in a crucial election year, that has put books, schools, and libraries in the line of fire.

The country has witnessed a surge in challenges to books and teaching materials in schools and libraries across the US. According to PEN America (an organization campaigning for freedom of expression), there were 1586 book bans in schools over the past between July 1, 2021 and March 31 of this year. More than 40 percent of those books had main characters who are people of color, and more than 30 percent featured LGBTQ themes.
Conservatives are decrying the teaching of what they deem divisive and age-inappropriate content like racism, gender, and LGBTQ themes in public education. Their opponents argue this movement to ban books is an attempt to

At its core, the movement to ban books is part of a larger ideological conflict, pitting conservatives against the left-wing in America, that came to the fore after the election of Donald Trump in 2016. The battle over education highlights how politicization and polarization have reached the very center of American society.


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  1. “Teach history without an agenda.”

    That’s literally impossible. History whether it is a primary source or secondary source is written by people. People who are influenced by their experiences, have their own biases, and have agendas to sell. Maybe it would instead be better to use history to teach discernment and critical thinking.

  2. I have been looking for banned books but kind of hard in my area. ..the books are banned, but I have seen enough evidence to suggest that some books are being miss represented and other books really are that bad.

    the main points I think is

    are these really "kids" books?
    do the books use offensive terminology?
    are there images of naked people in the books ?
    are there depictions of sexual acts in the books?
    and do these books send other bad messages?

    I have found that often this is NOT the case and complainers do not read the books many people make false accusations.
    but I have also found that people who are against censorship actually do have very rude opinions and do have a list of subjects they want censored.

  3. There should be let's say a Book Blending Balance in schools. If a books about slavery is allowed, a book about the benefits of the confederate flag should be allowed.

  4. 4:52 does that mother REALLY tell her child that she is being prosecuted for the color of her skin and she can't pick up candy without being perceived as a robber? Obviously then the child will be "experiencing" negatively its environment. Such a terrible parent!
    And don't forget that "character assasination" is not carried out by the conservatives but by the "wokes".

  5. Makes the white kid feel bad.. I'm sorry but if that's the case I think the lesson hasn't been learned.
    I distinctly remember following a school programme about the Dutch golden age. How the Dutch sailed across the seas with these magnificent ships to do trade with other nations. Then we also learned about the authorities committed by those same people. I think these folks underestimate kids ability to think.

  6. The conservatives are deluting themselves. They use while words like unity and uniting the country, when all they do is the opposite while protecting white privileges. Then they vote for trump.

  7. In the West with all these so called freedom what are you achieving? practicing heading one a another? Might as well join China and the way it operates.

  8. I think in many of these cases the books aren't the problem. It's the teacher's and the school boards that need to change. Good teachers can correct the harmful ideas in some books, but the bad teachers pushing these modern ideologies are going to find ways to push their own ideas onto those kids no matter how many books you ban.

  9. In case people missed it, Texas had this as part of the official GOP party platform in 2012: "Knowledge-Based Education – We oppose the teaching of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) (values clarification), critical thinking skills and similar programs that are simply a relabeling of Outcome-Based Education (OBE)" So there you have it. At least they admit it.

  10. I don't understand Ms. Rahman's example of a "tough conversation" with her kids. No one should be eating grocery food inside the store. Of course, everyone will think you're stealing it. This has nothing to do with race. White kids can't do this either. There's no double-standard, as far as I know.

  11. Yep, unification through only one story, the narrative put forward by backwards self righteous self centered self important white PTA mommies who think they are the center of the universe

  12. It's mostly the anti-cancel-culture Republicans who are banning books and education in the US. Specific books and specific courses as well as getting rid of free public schools for kids.
    The Republican party can only thrive if the people are ignorant. They're getting close to what happened in Islam where all books that didn't explicitly support Islam were banned, where women's Rights and women's education were stripped.
    Only men of pure faith are allowed to wield power.

  13. I like how Americans "fight" racism so much, yet they are one of the most racist places 🙁 I think Americans are focusing on the wrong things. Let kids be kids and learn about everything in this world, don't raise overprotected people that can't deal with real life.

  14. Unless the facts of a countries history are continually taught, no lessons about the effects of bias or racism will be learnt. That the victims of colonialism have no voice, is the result of the sense of white superiority being above all else. Banning books is the action of people who can’t accept that our ancestors were woefully ignorant and fearful. As reincarnation is a reality for me, I also must accept that in many lifetimes I was a perpetrator. This is how we as a human race advance, by recognising our responsibility to make life better fir all, not just ourselves.

  15. This video heavily slanted. Books like “to kill a mockingbird” were banned by California democrats. They dont want you to learn about the hard stuff

  16. What further proof is needed to show how dysfunctional the right-wing loonies in 'Murica have become? This is likely to cause the end of the US experiment, and the process will be slow and painful for the entire world. An example; The Soviet Union fell apart and died over 30 years ago, but Russia is still convulsing in the death throes of the USSR, much to the detriment of the entire world. The fall of the USA will take even longer and be more painful that that.

  17. I was a child when I first watch 'life it's beautiful', I didn't even knew how to read, but my parents thought it was important that I knew that life isn't always easy or fair, but that every person has lots to learn from the past, even if it hurts. They always talked with me about the wars, like the Balkan war, or the Timor war, I would cry a lot because of that, but it's important to know, to relate to people, because there are children too in that wars, and they also have to deal with it. Now I still can relate with the message, put yourself in the other person shoes. Children are tinny humans, they understand the point of the message.

  18. Remember those ridiculousness politically correct versions of nursery rhymes? It's like that in book form.

    I'm Egalitarian, so manufacturing hate out of thin air isn't my style.

  19. Teach history worts and all but don't make anybody feel bad/sad (about the bad things their ancestors did…) I'm honestly at a loss how in the world you do that unless what you actually want is to teach a pretend history to go along with your pretend magical religion.

  20. Ok, now could you please include the cases of the Left in the US wanting to censor and ban books because they are inappropriate in their minds? Because this looks pretty damn onesided.

  21. 👎 for a misleading title and for the video generally mischaracterizing the issue.

    Obviously the US doesn't have a system for banning books. A book availability at a school library isn't the same as questioning or stopping books from being publicly available. Parents have the rights to question the content of books at their local school libraries, and if any book is removed, those books will still be publicly available at any public library or through the private sector.

    I read a lot of the comments on this video, and it's clear that most don't understand the situation. This video did a bad job at expressing the nuances of this topic.

  22. Those who don't learn from history are destined to repeat it. But we don't ever learn, and we always repeat. Teaching is a method of control. Those who are good do it. Those who are eviL do it ( teach for reasons of control ). We must learn a better way.

  23. It's not about culture. They want to ban the bible what's that value. Your worried core values give your children the Bible. History they been trying to rewrite history an the world.

  24. Books should not be banned regardless of their contents (unless their contents are verifiably false, misleading, or outright unlawful). What's important is what and how kids are being taught in schools so that history can be used as a source of learning and growing rather than ideological doctrine. As for critical race theory? Yes, that BS should be banned with immediate effect. Along with any group identity doctrines…

  25. Because my country is a large mock-democracy run by a larcenous minority of crazed,white old men who have never read anything on their own.Ignorant of Education and Medicine they make laws that forever insure their jobs at terrific cost to the nation.

  26. If you feel like what you're trying to teach children is threatened by other perspectives and ideas, then maybe your position isn't as rock solid as you'd like it to be.

    You can ban all the books you want to. You can try to limit internet access. But it's a losing battle.

  27. Just on the topic of the culture war more broadly, its worth noting, at least in my mind, that "cancelling" and "no platforming" are mechanisms mostly associated with the political left.

    I felt that this story didn't reflect that point, and in some ways, in recent years the right has learnt from the left.

  28. BRAINWASHING is what is happening to these children, at a very young age they need to be taught language, maths,geography,science , health and diet and how to think logically and critically ,they can learn about homosexuality, transgender and slavery which was world wide, still going on! , when they get to high school. if they were taught this way the world would be a much better place and a lot healthier , they are''taught'' to eat very unhealthy foods from a very early age '' halloween'' a prime example, taught to believe in god as soon as they can hear virtually, religion has been a major cause of many wars throughout history, so GOD has killed 100 times more people than he has ''saved ''. i was sent to sunday school a few times when i was five, even at that age i knew what i was being told was ridiculous………..real education PLEASE …………..

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