At least 19 students and two teachers were killed in the worst school shooting in nearly a decade at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. NBC’s Tom Llamas reports for TODAY.

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22 Responses

  1. Texas once again is made to look like fools. They talk a mean game but when it comes down to saving their own children they fail miserably.

  2. • We must do all things through Christ which strengthens are in the law of the land and the laws of nature

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    William Barr, Trump’s Sword and Shield

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  3. It is very common for them to wait until the situation is over. Their job is to write the report, not to confront their life threatening situations. They are human beings too. They have the fear and they care for their own lives first. We need spot mini to do this kind of job. Fire 10 police officers and hire 100 spot minis with weapon. Will be much more effective in these dangerous situations.

  4. World going toward destruction soon will see God wrath in this world. Bible all prophecy are fulfilling Christ is near. Big condolences 💐 for those children victims and lose their life in such cruelity crisis. God give their spirit RIP 🪦💐

  5. Restrict your gun licensing. You don't need to hand assault rifles out like they're candy. Mind you, then people will just start resorting to explosives for mass murder, which would likely going to take out more people…. guess you can't win either way.

  6. Thanks to the Second Amendment to the US Constitution… Thanks to those who believe that owning a gun by the general public is an effective way to dissuade potential attackers. What they don't realize is if everyone has a gun and the motive, they can always shoot at someone. One might carry a gun but may not always be ready to shoot back, let alone shield themselves from the attack–or they may already be mortally wounded to even be able to fire back. Terrible culture…

    May those who perished rest in peace… May those who grieve be comforted… May those who work on the laws of the land know what to do…

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