During the defamation trial on Thursday, a pre-recorded deposition of Actress Ellen Barkin was played in court. Barkin alleged that Johnny Depp threw a wine bottle across a hotel room towards her in Las Vegas during a fight.

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47 Responses

  1. I'd hate to break the news to this lady 28 years later "he's just not that into you". AH was 8 years old when this bottle was tossed (for scale). He was in multiple long-term relationships and the only testimony that worked for the defense teamis the f buddy's. That tells you what you need to know

  2. From what I can tell, Ms. Barkin is truthfully telling her side of story.
    Her testimony seems legitimate regardless of any notions that we might have about Johnny Depp's character.
    Looking at this objectively, we can see that Ms. Barkin is speaking with sincerity.

  3. I believe her. but she could have a video of depp socking her in the face and eyeball could of been put out all on video. Amber was so bad at telling the truth she'd still of lost. if I was Ambers handler she'd of come out of the marriage shining like a diamond with people loving her saying what a generous woman after giving just half a mill to 1 and half a mill to to another that would of been plenty not pleging 7$ she'd of had more than 7$ mill of depp s $$ as well and no need for all this. would of been quite an easy job.

  4. If only Barkin had kept her dignity, aged gracefully, declined to lie on the stand, or just not appear! But a woman dumped by Johnny, somehow find it impossible to move on and are vindictive! I mean come on, Barkin is 80? She needs to move on, it was a long time ago! She is no Kate Moss or Vanessa after all!😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🙈

  5. I just noticed that Amber heard wore the same outfit on the final day of the trial as Ellen is wearing in her deposition.
    Literally the same dress and the same necklace.

  6. "Ellen Barkin Alleges Johnny Depp Threw a Wine Bottle Towards Her"
    This title is literally false. She doesn't say that the wine bottle was thrown "towards her".

  7. She is bitter he never called again, she sounds like she smokes and drinks her voice is of a smoker. She should never be there she is a very strange speaker she sounds like she is on drugs.

  8. If a guy was sleeping with a woman that was drunk and/or on drugs nearly all the time, I think we might look at the situation very differently.

  9. So Johnny depp threw a bottle at a wall in a fit of anger once… and has become jealous like almost every other human being in the world… but still has never hit a women in his life.

  10. This is about the worst thing said about Johnny Depp, and it's clearly NOT intimate-partner violence!!! (Slim Shady voice from "Guilty Conscience") Temper, temper. He was arguing with others, NOT her, and tossed a wine bottle toward a wall. Ok. And if he'd been such a controlling, violent man, why did HE just dump HER not stalk or hurt her in some way?!?

  11. this old woman tried her very best to make johnny look bad in every single thing she said, but johnny still won . This bitter old woman , she tried , it must have been a big effort for her in her old age to go on Zoom and all

  12. Well he wasn't so innocent. I didn't think so . His an alcoholic And will never have a good relationship as long as he is drinking. No one can live with someone like That, No one, Not for long Anyway.

  13. i should imagine, in a world that you cannot even sneeze in without some goody-two shoes saying it's wrongs is a culture ,that's making everything an issue!, If i had to go to court for things i did as a teenager, They would probably lock me up and throw away the Key. There would be very few adults left to walk freely. Ellen has had 30 yrs to express this opinion, maybe she never because she was drunk or high too? or it wasnt an issue at the time and AH is just digging low now?

  14. Stay strong Amber!!! Your bruises and skeletal look aren't lost on us, despite your mindless enemies spewing our their blind hate in every possible channel.

    Know that JD has poisoned his mind with drugs, drink and hate to such an extent that there's nothing healthy or normal in him anymore. There's nothing left in him but rage, insults and snickering sarcastic quips. He has become the monster you warned us about.

    We can see this on your bruises and your torn hair, we see can see it in his violent reflexes, his mafioso rings and gangster suit and in the thousand-yard stare in his daughter's eyes. We hear it in your heartbreaking testimony as well as in his desperate overacting to cover up his lies.

    You have seen his true colors and know that there's nothing in him but awfulness anymore. It will poison every and any future relationship of his, and apart from the blind adoration he receives from his fanclub-hyenas, he will never be loved again. A small comfort.

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