After reading through eulogy samples, I have come to the conclusion that a funeral eulogy can be a touching tribute to someone who has died. In a short speech at a memorial service, the last respects could be paid by sharing some thoughtful words with others who share the loss. Lifetime achievements could be talked about, or some personal experiences the speaker has had with the deceased. A funeral eulogy could be a formal speech or a personal one. No matter how it is to be said or what it is said, a funeral eulogy needs to be a structured. The thoughts need to be organized, the words properly planned, and the delivery prepared in advance.

To be able to do this, there are a number of tips and guidelines to follow. Oftentimes, ordinary people who are not speakers or writers will be called upon to make a funeral eulogy. One does not have to be an expert speaker to be able to deliver a heartfelt and touching eulogy. Anyone can do it. The first step is for one to gather one’s thoughts together. After this is done, the tips and guidelines of the experts can be a big help. There are ways and means to organize, plan, and prepare a funeral eulogy. Eulogy samples can also help.

These examples could be followed. There exists for the speaker a list of strategies, step-by-step guides, eulogies made easy and pre-made eulogy speeches. All these could be tapped into. Books have been written about it. There are websites devoted to this topic. There is a collection of sayings and whole speeches by famous people that could be studied. After reading all these eulogy samples my final analysis is that it is still what you feel and think that is the best guide in making a eulogy.

Source by Margaret Marquisi

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