Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star, Jen Shah speaks out for the first time since the reunion, arrest and everything in between. Jen is joined by husband, Coach Shah in Part 2 to answer the hard questions.

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Adam Newell

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Filmed at Ignite Studios in beautiful downtown Salt Lake City.

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36 Responses

  1. I love Jen Shah…I will always support her. I pray for her and her family because that's what she needs more than anything. Love you Jen, Keep Shining 🌟🙏🏾💪🏾❣️

  2. Adam is a good interviewer. She is innocent unless proven guilty. You have to extend that respect to everyone. All of you people who think you know what she did know nothing until the jury speaks.

  3. I truly love you Adam, but man I’m I disgusted with Jen!!!!! She should become friends with Amber Heard. 😂 They both live in there own little bubble. They could live together because now they are both broke. 😆 She has nerve to say how much she loves her kids!!! She deserves some jail time for what she did.

  4. Adam gave her a chance to take back any of her behaviors & I would have thought she would apologize for running her mouth and saying ugly things about that young man who is the gay son of another housewife.
    That young man did nothing to provoke a grown woman bashing him, I can’t begin to imagine how hurt and confused he was. But nooooooooo……. she wants other people to take back things and I DO believe she is 109% guilty.
    How do you make that much money NOT knowing how it’s being done?

  5. Jen should take some of her own advice and not about not spreading baseless rumors because she was quite a master at it on the show so I appreciate what she’s saying but don’t be a hypocrite

  6. I love you Adam don’t get it wrong but I feel like you are definitely kissing her butt in this interview!! Let’s ask hard questions like how did you not know you were ripping off people your mom and grandparents age!

  7. I feel it seems most of this interview was based on color, how in our UNITED STATES of AMERICA she feels like we all still discriminate against anyone of color, I'm sorry but this is not true in my eyes, most folks do not discriminate any longer, but your interview seems based on this Really. know nowadays, you need to prove your innocence it is Guilty until you prove your innocence. This how it is now. I realized this when my son and his wife was put in a situation thru the courts. I feel it is all backwards now a days in the court systems. Idk what her situation is per say, Hard to believe charges were brought against her for No reason, there are innocent folks in Prison for sure. Comon your whole interview seemed to be based on discrimination and that wasnt what it was supposed to be from my UNDERSTANDING. Good Luck and Father God be with you.

  8. I’m on the fence . I’m not seeing her own her part and show remorse for the victims. A

    I definitely believe she needs a PUBLIC RELATIONS team. If she has one she needs a new one .

    She should keep her answers short and get right to the point . Rambling will always come across as being deceitful!! She needs to focus of apologizing for her actions, her choices and her responses!!
    She didn’t need to comment on what other’s did wrong to her at this point.

    This really could have been a opportunity for her to shine light on a dark situation she missed the mark in my opinion.

  9. Fraud and criminal acts can be perpetrated without having direct interaction w the persons damaged/victims. Saying the documentary didn't have direct victims is a simplistic understanding of fraud.

  10. i'm so sick of the race card being played. race has nothing to do with her charges. her best friend who was convicted is white. the feds went after her because of the evidence they found. not because of her race. this is dangerous using this too much. people are so tired of people not taking accountability for their actions this is used now to get out of the consequences for their own actions. i feel sorry for the true victims of hate crimes no one is going to believe them anymore it is becoming like the boy who cried wolf because of people like jen shah. enough. people are fed up.

  11. Wait…you taught your sons about driving while black but had to ask coach what's it again 10 and ? 🙄 the race and gender gaslighting made it hard to believe anything coming out of her mouth. I feel bad for her husband and children 😢

  12. Im sorry but i don’t feel bad for her. The fbi doesn’t come for you unless there is substantial evidence. Actions come with consequences. And the worst part is, she takes 0 accountability.

  13. Those “friends” were shady and fake. I like Jen. I pray that she is being honest and doesn’t do any jail time. She has a family to support and her children. God bless her. I do pray that Jesus Christ will reveal himself to them.

  14. Have you thought of moving away from Utah? I lived there as a military wife(not black and not Mormon), there was not a place for people not in that religion. I understand that it is beautiful country, but I would try to place myself somewhere else.

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