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  1. Social media started making memes…
    no one was that interested in this case until the meme worthy moments struck tic tok…
    muffins and megapint were hysterical…

    Then came ambers bad acting, so that got memed too….

    It took off, AFTER THE FACT….
    instigated by what already occured in court….

    And after 6 years of crappy accusations against johnny, now the shit is stuck to her…permanently….

  2. I guess they thought he was verbally or mentally abusive since they didn't believe he hit her. But he called her names after she started a physical fight with him. Now I know why they asked about the op-ed. Remember they asked if it was the whole article or just the title. The title was about sexual assault. The article was about physical abuse. I think they would not have gave him money if it was about the whole article since they thought he was verbally abusive.

  3. She said a few times that she didn't want to be seen or act like a victim. Now in an interview she said "I guess I wasn't a liable or good victim". She can't even remember her own lies. She's obviously mentally ill. She seems to think that proven lies are true only because she believes them. "Speaking your truth" doesn't mean lies.

  4. "He balled up his fist 👊 leaned back and headbutted me square in the nose" Why ball up his fist if he was preparing to headbut her? Also she was playing the part of the aggressor. In my observations a victim tend to point to the area that was hit with a receiving action. Interesting woman

  5. I don’t believe the juror said mutual anything, it’s obvious he is the victim. & we can see that the juror saw the evidence we did so they clearly saw who was the abuser here.

    You know what’s maddening!! The fact that MSM still spins it with mutual abuse. Instead of acknowledging that he “a man” is the victim.

    GMA added the mutual abuse coz they are still pushing their bogus narrative & they want us to be quiet 🤫 I don’t believe the juror said that at all! Read the actual article, the jurors words are powerful & don’t reflect mutual

  6. The transcript that was so funny! You make me laugh. Love your channel. I love the approach you take and how you explain it keep up the good work. 🙏❤️

  7. Please look at ALL the juror said not just the edited six minute version. GMA printed out all the juror said and the edited version mischaracterised what the jury meant by both abusive. In fact if you look at the full version, the jury felt both argued verbally but they did not believe allegations of DV or SA, and the juror says so much more including about the knife, photos, witnesses etc. Why are creators doing what MSM does not showing it all. Heave a look at all the juror actually said as it super interesting and explains how they came to their verdict and covers much more than in this six minute edited version.

  8. I'm surprised more jurors haven't come out like this after what her and her lawyer said in those interviews. Accusing them of watching social media and taking depps side simply because he's played "beloved characters" in movies. If I was on that jury I'd be so pissed.

  9. Saying she wasnt talking about depp in the op ed, before and after telling the story of a terrible rape with q broken bottle of makers mark… and in the middle tzlling thats wht i wrote the oped… she just unbelievable. She s not as clever as she believe.

    The jury is fair and logical

  10. They were not mutually abusive, reactive abuse is NOT abuse. Amber was the only abuser. I wish all of the evidence was allowed in court for the jury to see what the rest of the world saw.

    All of the evidence proves that Amber was the only malignant, sadistic, entitled, volatile, violent person in that relationship.

    It’s already absolutely miraculous that JD never snapped and hit her like she wanted, but expecting him to never ever verbally vent and react is absolutely absurd and completely unfair.

  11. I thought the jury couldn’t speak until after 21 days because the verdict is Not final until 21 days? Has it been 21 days? 👀 Perhaps I lost track of time? The tik toks that re-enacted the part where she says “he balled up his fist and then head butted me” 😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Amber was exposed as the ' sociopathic liar ' she is !
    Of course ' it's everyone else's fault but hers '
    If she keeps going she might be slapped with another law suit..

  13. "I don't blame the jury, even though I am 100% sure they broke their oath of ignoring social media." It's like whenever she opens her mouth trying to look more relatable, she insults someone or several someones. And she is so full of herself, she is not even aware of this. She is in dire need of a PR person.

  14. Her campus now using this as an argument the jury said they didn’t talk about Facebook and Twitter but they looked at it how do we really know this wasn’t sure how was this vetted just curious

  15. Nasty piece of work is AH! Whilst we are all so caught up in this case, it seems we have forgotten that this woman was arrested for violent assault on her ex-partner before JD, at the airport, in public. It does not matter that the case was "dropped". Where is the ex-partner now? Why is she not speaking out, was she legally gagged?

  16. I don’t think it was Johnny’s nature to hit a women plus he is not a stupid man I am certain he realized if he ever retaliated against her his life as he knew it would certainally be over ! He did EVERYTHING TO GET AWAY FROM HER WHEN SHE EAS BEING PHYSICALLY ABUSIVE! INCLUDING ALWAYS BOOKING TWO ROOMS SO HE WOULD HAVE SOMEWHERE TO GO WHEN HE NEEDED TO GET AWAY FROM HER !!!

  17. Even if corporate mainstream media is now starting to turn its bias away from AH as all credibility goes out the window, at this late stage, it is the dragging turn-around of a triceratops in a prehistoric tar pit. Too little too late and no admission of mainstream media that its bias was incorrect or even that it had a bias. Mainstream media cannot be trusted to inform us on Anything or to tell us what to think or how to behave or who to ally ourselves with.

  18. I am not jhonny fan . but She need help . Evil at her best. .she is a shame for women. . She still think we r fools. She is the most dangerous woman in the world . look at her god save us all from people like her . She has no shame . Jail is the best place for her .

  19. Hi Frank, I think it is deplorable how they immediately attacked the jury!!! Out not saying they were either stupid (after all they were just average people)or they were igno r in their rules and watching social media!!! TOTALLY DISRESPECTFUL to these men n women whe gave of their time and energy to listen to this BS for weeks!!!

  20. Hey 👋 the thing she said about promise global Humiliation from Johnny ? He didn't promise that at All! Johnny said years ago,she,s begging for global Humiliation so that comment also was a lie!👎😡

  21. Technically they were in an abusive-toxic relationship, but in my opinion & experience from DA… THE PERSON TRYING TO LEAVE/ESCAPE is usually the victim, not the perpetrator. PERPETRATORS, especially narcissists/sociopaths/psychopaths are relentless, they do not stop their tirade, they seek to suck the life out of their prey at all costs… I’ve been through it, I’ve lived it. She does not speak for me SHE IS NO VICTIM. Living with the word victim is not some label to boast the way she does, “I’m not a perfect victim.” Who the fuck says that?

    She’s a toxic leech who took advantage of JD’s drug use to get him to spiral, she wanted him to hit back, but he never did & it just drove her angrier because she couldn’t get what she wanted out of him, to humiliate him, take his place in Hollywood, his mansions, HIS POWER, she wants that so desperately. She gaslights him in the recordings & everyone abt his drug use, but SHE ABUSES SUBSTANCES HERSELF, she is a hardcore alcoholic admittedly… her sister said she was barely sober on the stand (that implies she’s lowkey proud of it, why wouldn’t heard be any different)

    She uses the baby as a prop, a lot of narcissistic people on YT do it. AH does too, if she’s a true malignant/narcissist-borderline-histrionic which I believe she is, with high sociopathic tendencies.

    I fear that when Oonah grows up & starts getting more attention than her, she will compete & start abusing her. We all know Amber abused Johnny, she admits it on tape, she hit Van Rae, she hits her sister, her assistants… takes no accountability, this person is on fuckin clown-9. A society/environment that doesn’t hold people accountable is why so many sociopaths thrive.

  22. Excellent response from a juror. I just hope that Johnny would stay safe and happy. Amber is a dangerous woman and will never stop.

  23. She was constantly trying to portray Johnny as destructive and violent how he would destroy things which as anybody who grew up with very little material objects as he did would know that to be false . His penthouses were immaculate he treasured his possessions as people do when you have to work for everything you have . Her and her friends claimed the trailer looked like a bomb went off when the manager himself testified there was one broken light sconce $62 . Her entire testimony was false no police reports no medical records supporting any of the claims of being head butted punched repeatedly dragged across broken glass . Lies about the donations lied about alerting TMZ which was so obvious in her deposition and her constant bullying of Johnny in the recordings but this is the woman that WB wants in the movie as a hero ?

  24. She thought the jury would not come forward because the judge granted Heard’s request to seal the identities for one year. . But they are coming out because AH's condescending, deceptive, arrogance and lies. Make her go away with the Truth. ⚖🌎⚖🌍⚖🌏⚖

  25. It was only a matter of time for the jury members got tired of AH and Elaine spreading their BS. I thought they would wait till after the appeal period, but I can't blame any of them for wanting to set the record straight.

  26. Any aggressive Johnny's behaviour wasn't against Amber (he loved her). The just one I can remember, it was when JD throws out the wardrobe of Amber's clothes tired of the behavior of that crazy woman, but she wasn't there in that moment. The kitchen incident it wasn't against Amber. It was about another situation, but she wanted to make seen like it was about her but it wasn't. We could see perfectly in the video.

  27. "Not enough or any evidence" supporting what she was saying. And that's it !! She never went to hospital, she never went to see a doctor (after such a rape? every woman, on that planet, would, i think). Does she think we are nuts? Hello from France👋

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