UPDATE: Authorities say the victim death toll from the Texas school shooting now stands at 19 children and two adults.

PREVIOUS: Newsy’s JohnMone is on the ground in Uvalde, TX and spoke to an eyewitness who says he knew the shooter, the shooter’s grandmother, and saw what happened in the moments before the shooter entered the school. #texas #schoolshooting #newsy

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  1. I live in Colorado you need to see the story about Casey middle school. This kid was and is in all kinds of trouble. The same day as the Texas shooting, officials finally red flagged him for threatening Casey middle school. He is a troubled child and all the school district did was move him to other schools where he caused the same problems. You should look this story up to get the details. It took your tragedy to get officials to act. For this one…the school district is to blame for doing nothing.

  2. Cowardice under fire- Uvalde emo twink Shooter was left alone for up to an hour, while killing 19 children and two teachers

    Cowardice under fire – several cops may have entered the school to save their own children from the Uvalde emo twink Shooter, while the other parents were held back.

    Cowardice under fire – cops with long guns had their tasers out, prevented parents from saving their own children as the Uvalde emo twink shooter killed 21 kids and teachers.

    Cowardice under fire – Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman said police were reluctant to engage the Uvalde emo twink shooter because they “could have been shot.”

    Cowardice under fire – In the 1999 Columbine School massacre, police waited outside the school almost two hours as a dozen students and a teacher were killed.

    Cowardice under fire – In the Parkland FL School massacre the onsite sheriff fled outside, cowered behind a car, and directed other police not to enter the school as 17 kids and staff were killed.

    The texas school shooter was despised in HS for dressing as an EMO twink with eye makeup, and for being anti social, violent, and provoking fights. The shooter was a Violent EMO twink POS.

    The Uvalde emo twink shooter worked fast food, lived with grandma, no driver's license, posted animal cruelty videos, was always broke, AND had $7k of high end rifles and gear? smells bad.

    2 high end rifles about $2k each. 60 mags about $1k. 1800 rounds of high end Soft point ammo about $2k. That is $7000 in gun gear for an emo punk working part time at Wendy's? Follow the money.

    Where did the Uvalde emo twink shooter get $7k on his 18th birthday, to buy high end gun gear? Working for drug dealers? cartels? diversity, equity, inclusion community action funding?
    Cowardice under fire- the Uvalde emo twink Shooter Fired Gun For 12 Minutes Outside School Before Entering.

    The Uvalde emo twink Shooter Fired Gun For 12 Minutes Outside the back of the School Before Entering, so someone in the school thought that would be a great time to prop open the back door? something stinks here.

  3. I believe that young woman shown in red blouse lost her only daughter .. her husband sitting next to her is a law enforcement officer .
    They were waiting for news is seems .

  4. Let's talk about how Dan Crenshaw is choosing greed over the safety of our children. I've been railing against Dan Crenshaw for years. Have you seen the lines for Texas District 2? What's clear is that Dan Crenshaw chooses his voters. Texas voters don't choose Dan Crenshaw. Also, whenever I battle Crenshaw's ideas, he cancels me. I can not post a comment on Crenshaw's Facebook or YouTube page and yet he will rail against Twitter canceling free speech. Talk about a dictator. Crenshaw made more money from insider trading stocks than Nancy Pelosi in 2021. Crenshaw is weaseling his way into the World Economic Forum. What does these activities have to do with representing the people of his district? Crenshaw blamed the Texas winter storm on "woke windmills," not ERCOT nor Governor Abbot who cheapened out by buying un-winterized windmills. Crenshaw did nothing about the people who died in Texas. Crenshaw did not hold ERCOT to account. Crenshaw stuffs money into his pockets from the NRA. In 2021, Crenshaw pocketed $126,000 from the NRA. For everyday Americans, this money is a fortune but it's a drop in the bucket for Crenshaw. Then there's Texas oil. People, Crenshaw is chasing power and money and no one will get in his way. Unfortunately, America is not built on right and wrong. Sure, we are righteous but look at Dan Crenshaw. Like Trump, his power increases and he's past the point where he has to answer to anyone. We need more anger against these tyrannical politicians but we're screaming into a headwind. Also, unfortunately, heroes like David Hogg are in the minority. This young generation will grow up to fight people like Crenshaw but so what? What power will they have? What laws will be changed? It's over. The American experiment is over.

  5. I can't imagine being so angry about not graduating from high school that I would shoot some kids. Many Americans go on with their lives and make money without a good education.

  6. Might make more sense that the grandmother was angry that he didn't graduate. Not the other way around.
    I don't wish any disrespect. I feel that all of these people, all of us are being manipulated by this tragedy. The police somehow failed in every way. So what happens now? Do we not support the police?? Watch out!! Similar with George Floyd. Then the calls to defund the police. How does that help anyone? What is happening here? Besides the senseless death of children?
    Don't ask Joe Biden to save you. I don't think he will give us the Saving that we want.
    Who benefits from all of this?? Reporters? , Politicians? Political parties? …….??

    Certainly not the people and their children

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