The school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, that killed 19 children and two adults was the 27th school shooting in the U.S. so far this year and is part of a troubling rise in active shooting incidents across the country. NBC News’ Ken Dilanian breaks down what could have led to the dramatic rise in school shootings across the country. 

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28 Responses

  1. You know there is a problem when it easier to buy a gun in some states than it is to acquire a drivers license.

    I am surprised the NRA hasn’t recommended that we arm the kids.

  2. the top predatorial species on the planet cant figure out why its predatorial…..hmmmmmm …is that because the humans truly don't know or don't WANT to know that they are in fact ANIMALS AFTER ALL…..animals with high speed fiber optics i'll give them that, but animals none the less….

  3. Notwithstanding the plethora of ACTUAL AMERICAN CHALLENGES before 350,000,000 American citizens, what governing solutions would Republicans ponder if they stopped using the words Mentally Ill, Socialism, Islamic, China, Defund, BLM, Omar, Communism, Civil war, Stock Market Decline, Hoax, Fake, Replacement, CRT, Disney, Potatoe, Leftist, Books, and Patriot? My dog Killa has never failed to heal when I call his name. Chances are I would have the same results had I named him Charm.

  4. School shootings only happen in America.

    27 school shootings so far this year is 5 each month with 2 extra and it's only May.

    You understand why the rest of world think Americans are Stupid like Trump.

    American parents protest at school meetings about? A: 27 school shootings this year B: Masks.

  5. We need to have armed experienced security people with training for "ALL" Schools!
    We need to have only one entrance to a campus.
    We need to have metal detectors at all schools like we have
    in airports.

    If it good enough for Airports its good enough for our schools!


  6. In 2021, Texas governor Abbot sign into law to make it easier to buy guns! You didn’t need a permit anymore! We have licenses for cars, yet we don’t need one for guns?? That’s absolutely ridiculous.

  7. There have only been 1 shooting inside a school in 2022 that involved an individual unconnected to the victims in any way. Most of those 26 shootings were involving past or pre-shootings altercations either “drive- bys” or at sporting events. This horrendous Texas shooting is basically a stand alone event and should not be lumped in with the other 26?

  8. One day we will take the power back from these REPUBLICAN law makers that vote guns over people. NO, do not tell me that more guns will solve this issue. A world where dangerous weapons are everywhere will only make the world a more dangerous place. KICK REPUBLICANS OUT.

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  10. Gee ya think we need the fbi to show an increase in school shootings? They are weekly occurrences these days. XBox educated brainwashed teens. Generations fed shoot shoot shoot, for points, numbers, kills, prizes. Good job.
    Now tell us again how video games don't influence behavior.
    Predator Drone pilots?

  11. Most of these school shootings aren't like this one. I doubt the video tells you that though. Most school shootings, especially lately are either drug, or gang related with people settling their "beef" in school like the idiots they are.

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