Inoculate yourself from unemployment and use free medical resume cover letters to get your resume noticed!

Seventeen of the thirty fastest growing jobs listed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics are in the medical field. As this area of the economy continues to grow so will the competition for jobs.

Sending in a resume listing all of your credentials is a start to getting hired into this exciting career field – however, you’ll need all the help you can get for your resume to capture the employer’s attention!

You need to use free medical resume cover letters as a guide to customizing your medical cover letter to emphasize how your skills & qualifications can bring value to the organization.

You would think that your resume would do this and it should. However, most resumes follow a standard industry wide format and don’t allow for too much creativity. This is where a cover letter comes into play.

It’s the time to sell yourself – to show that you are the best candidate for the job. Do your homework and research the organization. Review their mission statement, values, and goals. Don’t restate your resume – instead link your qualifications to the organization’s needs and how you have the skills to meet those needs.

Close your letter with the call to action as displayed in the free medical resume cover letters. Thank the employer for their time and stress how you look forward to the interview. Ask for it!

Finally, follow-up – either by email, regular mail, or phone call. Don’t put it off – writing a cover letter and following up shows the employer you’re interested and determined.

Following these simple steps will put your resume ahead of the competition.

Source by Jeff Melvin

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