Music video by Harry Styles performing Matilda (Audio). (C) 2022 Erskine Records Limited, under exclusive license to Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment


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  1. Blood doesn't make family, acceptance does…
    The fact that Mathilda means Mighty in Battle just healed me a bit more 馃

    I am a Falling stan
    I am a Liability stan
    I am a Mirrorball stan
    I am a Matilda stan

  2. I am going through something with my family, for the past two years I've been fealing like a parent to my parents, and this is the first time that a song resonate so deeply within me. I feel braver and more determined to focus on myself only and not call my self selfish for doing it.

  3. To all the children with parents who suck at parenting 馃 hey I love you 馃グ and I鈥檓 sorry the world has treated you so badly. Each and every single one of you deserve love and respect. I had sucky parents too and it took me a long time to go beyond those memories. Over time you may forgive OR Not. But regardless I made a promise in my soul my children will not have to suffer the way I did. We are better people. Give love to others that was never given you and you will be happy I promise. Oh and here鈥檚 some hugs 馃馃馃馃馃馃because it鈥檚 important to know you are wonderful just the way you are.馃枛馃徏

  4. "Nothing 'bout the way that you were treated ever seemed especially alarming 'til now…" i relate to this so much, because i have never realizes how toxic my family treated me was… i never realizes it until i reach this adult age where everything just fcks up, all the love and relationship that was build overtime feels like crumbling apart and i never wanted it to happen but it just you know it is so hard to digest all of that. Those words really just speaks up to me, i need a minute.

  5. This hurts deeply… A girl I met recently sent me this song after I told her a bit about my life. My life isn't that bad, but she disagrees. She said to me these words that I know I'll never forget: One day, you'll have to choose yourself above your family, and it will set you free.

    And then proceeded to send me this song that makes me cry.

  6. This song makes me cry because it helped me realize that I am my own person. My grandparents like to tell me that I could be their next Jacob which is their favorite grandchild because he does everything for them. He put his life on hold for them. I realized that I can grow up and move out and have my own life.

  7. The heart In this makes me cry!
    The truth in this makes me Cry!
    He made this song so perfect. We may have been taught at school nothing is perfect but that wrong because this is perfect!
    I have gone though a lot of stress and this feels like it can just wash that all away! I love it! 馃檪

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