Apple Music’s Zane Lowe joins Harry to discuss his new album ‘Harry’s House’, and more. Add ‘Harry’s House’ to your library on Apple Music

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  1. I love how these talks with Harry are always deep and discuss complex concepts like what it means to be a great performer or what success truly mean in the middle of the mess that fame creates. I appreciate how reflective Harry is and how he is always able to pull out something very deep out of his experiences.

  2. On a more funny note; is it just me or has he gotten better with talking? Like I feeling that he used to speak slower before, now it’s moderate- perfect I would say, actually.

  3. I loved the interview but I'm just amazed that Harry can pull a one hour interview without revealing that much. He is truly so talented on skiping questions. Anyways, I love him. Streaming Harry's House again

  4. Harry just has something so cosy and authentic about him. I always feel safe and reassured when I listen to what thoughts he has about the world.
    I've been in love with this man since I was 14, and it's simply so great to come back once in a while and appreciate him. He has grown so much as a human, and I can only hope that I have as well.
    Thank you, Harry 💗 All the best~

  5. I heard Harry live on The Stern Show for "Fine Line" & now "Harry's House." I loved those interviews, but something about Zane's style is so easy going and comfortable.

  6. Hazza busts his butt to make us enjoy ourselves… He is for me the best Entertainer by far… I love him with all my heart… Simply The Best!!! 🌿🌹🌿

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