Calculating the beats of a song seems like a daunting task. But mathematically it is very simple.

Now how accurate you are at calculating beats per minute is another story.

3 different ways to calculate beats per minute

1. You can calculate B.P.M.’s manually by counting the beats over the course of a minute.

2. You can calculate B.P.M.’s with a B.P.M. counter from any music shop.

3. You can also calculate B.P.M.’s using a program called Aqua Gnome.

How to calculate B.P.M.’s manually in a 4step process:

Step 1

You need the following Materials:

Step 2

The first step is to select your favorite song to play.

That was easy!

Now play your song from the beginning. The best time to start counting the beats is from the beginning of the verse when the kick drum comes in.

For example the song “Who Got The Props” by Black Moon begins with just the sample playing and then when the verse comes in the drums come in too. It is from that point where we count the beats.

To hear a free sample of this tune by Black Moon go to

Then scroll down to the track list to where it says Listen To Samples then click on Listen link next to the track you want.

In fact that is a great free resource for any up and coming D.J. right there. Any time you want to check out a tune you can go to and search for it and if they have it you can listen to a sample for free.

You can pick up some great tips and techniques on constructing songs and also review records before you spend out any of your hard earned cash.

Step 3

The next step is beginning the counting process. Most songs have four beats per bar.

For example if you were using the song mentioned above to count the beats you could count 1, 2, 3, 4.

When you have counted the beats 1, 2, 3, 4. That would equate to one bar. At that point you would make a line on a piece of paper indicating one bar.

I like to make dots to indicate beats and a line to indicate bars. You would count again, 1, 2, 3, 4 and make another line on you paper. Continue this process for 30 seconds.

Step 4.

The final step is to calculate how many beats we get in 30 seconds. You do this by using a little mathematics.

Multiply the total number of BARS by the four. Remember, there are four beats per bar. That is why we use the number four. It will look like this.

After you have calculated how many beats you get in 30 seconds you would simply multiply that total by 2 or add that total twice. It will look like this.

And that is how you calculate your beats per minute for any song.

Source by Sterling Rogers

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