If you’re thinking of switching from glasses to contacts or have been wearing contact lenses for a while, then you’re probably aware of the benefits of wearing them. You’re probably also looking at the prices and are wondering if you have to sell a kidney in order to get them, which probably wouldn’t be a good trade if you ask me. So here is some information on how to get free contacts and keep your kidney.

How it works is, contact lens manufacturers have figured out that one way to sell contacts well is to give away some free samples. They like that you are asking for their product and are going to use it. They know that if you like their product, you could very well become a customer for life. The benefit for you is that you get to sample different brands and find out which are the best for you while saving money on a few weeks or a few months of buying contacts – since you’ll be using the free samples.

First, you will want to search online for links that take you to web pages where you will find these offers for free contacts. Get the forms and rebates and fill them out. There are many brands, so find all the offers that you can. These offers will tell you all that you need to do so that you can order them when you need to.

The next thing to do is go see your optometrist. You will need an updated prescription. There’s no way you’re getting free contacts from a manufacturer if your prescription isn’t up to date. It costs them money to do this, so go get your updated prescription since you’ll need it. It’s also just a good idea to see your doctor, who will check out your eyes and even test for glaucoma.

Once you have a fresh prescription, go ahead and place your orders for your free contacts. Place orders for all of the offers that you found. They will start arriving shortly and you can just put them aside while you start your trials with the first brand.

As you’re trying each pair, it’s a great idea to take some notes on how each brand feels and how they’re working out for you. Recording that information while you are wearing them will help you make the best decision at the end. So don’t forget to do it.

If any of the trial contact lenses don’t feel right or start to irritate your eyes, then stop wearing that brand. You can switch to glasses for a day to give your eyes some rest if you need to. After that, move on to the next brand. Don’t wear them longer than you are supposed to either.


By taking advantage of offers for free contacts, you’ll end up with the best fitting contacts for your eyes and, in the process, save some money. Not bad! And you also saved your kidney!

Source by Jaxon St. James

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