How does Facebook pay us for bonus plays in reels?


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  1. I got accepted a few days ago… I have a few questions maybe you could help… my plan for the bonus (35,000) to pay off my student loans…

    1. My bonus is 500 right now… Does the bonus change month to month, or would the 500 be my final offer?

    2. is the payout based on per 1,000 views?

    Thanks so much for your help!

  2. Are the challenges only available on business pages or also on personal pages turned professional? I can't find them and I'm not earning for new views on past reels.

  3. I just got the invite! Went to set it all up and i cant get past the first page it says my business name does not match my tax ID which is just my ssn its just under a individual business type… any insite on this im extremely new to all of this

  4. We are currently in the bonus play and are close to maxing out at 1200! Thanks for the info of how and when to get paid that is very helpful. I’m curious on the challenges that you mentioned. I can’t seem to find them anywhere?

  5. Good morning when they ask you please select the Facebook payouts which one should I click please give me a explain I learn a lot from your YouTube channel

  6. Hi Rachael! I’m new to the reels bonus and was invited with $500 max payout. I have 11k views for the last 3 days but my earning are only $4.40
    Is this normal? I was also wondering if I qualify for the reel challenges as well? Thanks

  7. This was really helpful. I had no idea about the challenges with the bonus plays. I was wondering why my dollars per view was so low. Thank you so much.

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