What is the Primera LX2000 Color Label Printer Good For?

The Primera LX2000 color label printer is a popular choice for businesses that need to print durable GHS labels or water-, scratch- and UV-resistant labels for products that may be exposed to water, ultraviolet light, and other potentially damaging elements like oils or friction. With its 4800dpi print resolution and print speed of up to six inches per second, the LX2000 produces high resolution, full color labels at a fast pace. This color label printer is suitable for businesses that need to print up to about 500 labels per month.

Retail Pricing on the Primera LX2000 Color Label Printer

The Primera LX2000 has a retail list price of $3995 USD. The manufacturer, Primera Technology Inc., sells the LX2000 directly to customers via its website. Primera Technology also has a partner program, enabling its authorized resellers to also sell the LX2000 and other color label printer models to their customers.

Pricing on the LX2000 varies from one company to the next, though you’ll often find comparable prices. When Primera discounts its price, for example, it’s not unusual for resellers to do the same in order to compete. Getting the best deal on the LX2000 requires some price comparison shopping.

However, there’s more to getting a deal than simply getting the best price. For example:

With a wide range of color label printers on the market, it’s important to buy from a company that can guide you to the right model for your needs. The Primera LX2000, for example, is a great choice for small manufacturers who need to print highly durable labels in small quantities. Since it is a pigment ink label printer, you may have questions about GHS chemical labeling or choosing compatible labels. Working with a company who understands the nuances of the various label printing technologies out there can answer those questions and help you to feel more confident with your purchase.

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