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Cinematography & Direction : Roy Albert

Executive Producer: Hari Gopan

Written by : Gokul Vinu

Edited by : Mahesh Jayan

Music : Sourav Suresh

Audio & Mixing : Anand, Rahul VS

Asso Camera : Akhil Vishnu

Subtitle: Shyam Narayanan TK

Poster: Anulal (Magiclamp)

Location Courtesy : School of Maths Kilimanoor

Hridayakumari – Anumol
Unni – Hari Gopan
Gokul – Gokul Vinu
Rahul – Abhijith Praveen
Chupran – Ajin S Prakash
Ananthan – Ananthan
Shankaran – Harishankar
Amal – Sree Amal
Avinash – Avinash Joshy
Sinu – Archana Sudhakaran
Minu – Devananda
Sales kuttappan- Unnikrishnan JS
Surendran – Krishnaprasad

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  1. Hi fam,
    We know we actually delayed a lot for uploading new videos to entertain you guys, apologies for that, but going forward we will present to you a lot more exciting video content on a regular basis and we are happy to say that there won't be a delay for new content, thankyou so much for the support we got till now, please do continue showering us with the same.❤
    -Team Pluto

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