Doug Bania, an expert hired by Johnny Depp’s legal team in his defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard, pushed back against Heard’s attorney as he questioned him during cross-examination. Bania disagreed with the attorneys assessment of his analysis on statements from Depp’s attorney Adam Waldman and believes his testimony about the data is accurate.

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47 Responses

  1. I'm just wondering about all of this note taking she seems to be doing. I'm thinking that she might be doing the note taking for a future book writing. You just never know🤷‍♀️

  2. Sense the day she got mad about he’s lawyers trying have her sign papers and to get mad she not in the hello he just a year ago

  3. This lawyer is hands down the worst one on her team he looses everyone's attention because his questions are extremely sporadic and almost all the time he asks questions that the witness would not have any knowledge about to try to confuse them and or make them feel stupid. What he actually accomplishes is putting everyone to sleep and if this looney tune says "correct " in that monotone belittling tone one more time I will explode lol I can't even watch when he's at the podium.

  4. tell me if i'm wrong, but are AH lawyers trying to introduce 'doubt' into witnesses because they in fact have very little 'physical' evidence against JD?

  5. I actually wonder how many people, like myself, had never even seen the Waldman statements before this trial, and still thought she was lying!!! 😜

  6. What and why is Ms Heard looking at? All her weird and questionable facial expression, eye movements, and crossed eyed movements are disturbing. She surely isn't a stable individual, that's clear as day. She needs to stop LYING, that's a given.

  7. The expert is is incorrect about spaces in quoted searches. Try it yourself. Pick a phrase from Wikipedia. Search for exactly that. Then throw in a space, and search. You’ll find the same results.

  8. Feel for the attorney, has a lot of nervous energy. Fumbling all over the place. He also hasn't looked comfortable/ happy sitting alongside AH…knows he's on a sinking ship.

  9. If the point of this was to discredit or rattle the witness or to find flaws in his findings, it was a complete waste of time. I wonder if others get the same impression I get going over these cross-examinations and re-directs…which is Team Amber didn't do their homework and remind me of students cramming for their mid-term.

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