Amber Heard’s sister, Whitney Henriquez, takes the stand in Johnny Depp’s defamation case against his ex-wife. Henriquez testifies about a staircase incident and claims the 58-year-old actor allegedly hit her and her sister.


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  1. As a victim of DV I left my the then husband with just my bag of clothes. Didn’t take any of the stuff I bought, didn’t claim any of the jewellery his family gave me. Didn’t even claim any alimony against the divorce. I just wanted to get myself free. That’s it.

  2. The sister takes pictures of the racks and broken items but not of Amber’s beaten up face. To top that off, After Johnny supposedly grabbed Amber by her hair and punched her face several times, Amber wanted Johnny Depp to go Coachella with her the VERY NEXT DAY!? Ummm I dont know about anyone else but I’d want to stay away from someone who punched me in the face, not go to a concert with them.

  3. This was such a flawed story. First she said AH and JD arguing at top of stairs and she came in between. Next she says JD came running up behind her on the stairs and hit her on the back. And why would she be facing AH and have her back to the abuser. And it’s practically impossible to grab hold of someone’s hair with one hand and repeatedly punch her in the face with the other with that cast on. This is how dumb the Heard sisters are. I hope the guy taking notes jury took all this down.

  4. Y’all are hilarious. No one believes that Amber is innocent but Johnny isn’t either. He was abusive & toxic as much as she was. You all just don’t wanna believe it because he’s Johnny Depp & it’s just so much fun jumping on the I hate Amber train. I doubt this girl is that out of her mind to lie about Amber being punched repeatedly in front of him & the court. I’m sure that happened among other accusations made against him so please stop trying to make him out to be an innocent victim in all of this.

  5. While I do believe that Johnny may have put his hands on Amber in some way. I DON'T believe that he abused her. What it seems like to me is they had a very toxic relationship and there was substance abuse going on. I'm sure by both parties. I've had a couple of these relationships. It drives me insane when a female wants to cry poor me poor me he hit me, he's abusive towards me but they leave out the part where they are putting their hands of the other person. I don't care female or not if you put your hands on someone don't cry when the same happens to you.

  6. Zero chance Aquaman 2 doesn’t flop at the box office. Ever since Batman v Superman came out, the opening weekend numbers for the DCEU movies keep getting lower! And there’s over 4 million signatures to remove Amber Turd as Mera –

  7. So he’s grabbed her hair with his left hand and punching with his right but the ‘bruise’ is on the left hand side of her face???

  8. These 2 cant hold back how dumb, ridiculous & fake their story sounds. One contradicts the other. A Turd said he comes in between them & almost pushed Whitley. Whitley said he came from behind & hit them. LIES!!!! We all drink or do drugs doesnt mean we beat people up when doing so. Johnny looks incredibly hurt watching her lie through her teeth. Notice she uses the same language as Turd. I'm so sorry you were kind to the wrong people, Johnny. God bless you and I pray you come put on top.

  9. Johnny’s only witnesses paid by him except for his sister.
    The cult around this man is disappointing. Like groupies loving him for his movies. People who drink/drug remember nothing. Why he thought bringing this suit was a good idea shows his desperation.

  10. So she was insecure and projected false confidence to cope. She maybe calmed down and became more respectful because out respect you won't wanna embarrass your partner. This whole family is mine, my, me and I. Its your sister yes but she got married move on. Shes not supposed to be a kid anymore

  11. I like how she said “Johnny threw a redbull can but I don’t think he even noriced” ur telling me a redbull can… is gonna smack ur back and ur not gonna feel it? This is embarrassing

  12. If he struck her back and abuses her sister? Why would u continue to be close to him?… bs cuz abuse isn’t a joke if u found out my sister was abused I’d call the cops

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