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  1. I just dont see them arguing like that in front of an acting coach but maybe when your used to being in a spot light but still she is saying she is in a room full of people doing drugs and she is completely sober i dont believe that, people who dont use drugs or alcohol are not going to sit in a room where everyone is high or drunk.

  2. anyone else find it odd that her make-up artist cried or got upset?? Like that seems like an extreme reaction for something she didnt witness first hand?

  3. It’s pretty clear, they were using Depp for his lifestyle !! AH is clearly an instigator of starting fights, and is much to blame & at fault.. btw.. if an abuser is being taunted like the way she was doing , an abuser no doubt would of reacted violently, – Depp in all the recordings seemed pretty calm and just wanted to get away from her.. so what, he mishandled a few cabinets in an angry, drunken moment .. lol.. big deal .. she looks & sounds like a liar – Depp for the win I truly hope and be careful who you date next time !!.. this woman was Hollywood trailer trash along with her sister – and glad most sensible people know it now !!

  4. Ambers whole family sucks at acting. I bet that by the time this is done, Amber will have a show about her life and friends. Just like the Kardashians, and she will make tuns of money. It’s sad that even when females lie against a man, it gets swept under a rug. I promise you that she will go no where and remain famous and will keep rising in the industry

  5. Rocky's testimony was some of the worst I've ever heard it was basically I only remember what covers my ass for lying in the last trial. Bloody pathetic

  6. AMazing how Amber and her friend cry and get all emotional when her attorneys question them but when Johnny's attorney's question them they are straight faced and seem aggravated.

  7. Too many witnesses of Amber is bluntly blaming Johnny as if they are prepared for it. Can’t deny that it’s planned long long ago.
    Thankful to God that JD survived such bizarre journey. It is awful and disgusting that Amber had all his relatives and friends in JD’s penthouse, and now they are all speaking against him.

  8. I am sorry neither one thing needs to get anything. She abused him and He abused her case closed 🔒🔐. Let's go home nobody should get anything & just stay away from each other. Both were at fault .

  9. Not only did the sister give different sequence of events. The positions she described directly contradict Amber saying Johnny was going to push Whitney down the stairs. According to Amber, Whitney would be with her back to the stairs. Here , Whitney is saying he ran behind her? He struct her meaning that she was between him and Amber so how could Amber have struct him? They need to get their lies straighten out

  10. Amber is shameless by dragging her sister onto the stand, who is now married with 2 kids and making her admit that she went on a cocaine and alcohol binge with JD

  11. Rocky is quite the actress herself. My God can you imagine being around those two?! Jeeeeeeeeeesus. I completely understand Dr. Shannon Curry's testimony about the two now.

  12. It is very strange for him and that lawyer to refer to the penthouse as theirs. Last time I checked an apartment is only yours when you rent or by it. They're living there for FREE so it is Johnny's place.

  13. Zero chance Aquaman 2 doesn’t flop at the box office! Ever since Batman v Superman came out, the opening weekend numbers for the DCEU movies keep getting lower. And there’s over 4 million signatures to remove Amber Turd as Mera.

  14. The brunette might be Turd's Master of Obnoxious because she is boss in that department.

    I legit can't watch her. The fact that that thing was part of Johnny's household and environment hurts me.

    How. The. Fuck.

  15. Ambers acting coach around 7:54 “ironically she has a little difficulty crying acting wise” XD that explains her lack of tears while testifying on stand

  16. If you watch ambers 2016 deposition of her explaining the incident at the top of the stairs, then compare it to her explaining it again at the witness stand in this trial, then compare that to Whitney’s explanation it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever 😂 Try to picture it in your head. The stories don’t match

  17. Funny how even her acting coach stated that "Amber has a hard time making fake tears when acting" and in fact this is all we have witnessed her do in court. SHE CRIES BUT NO TEARS!!

  18. I’m listening to Whitney’s testimony and she is eerily similar to her sister. My honest opinion is that her account of Johnny’s demeanour whilst intoxicated contradicts everyone that has known him a long time. Also one thing that stood out was when Whitney claimed to have woken to Amber being in her bedroom and springs on her that Johnny cheated on her. I’m sorry but surely that’s a slight manipulation? I mean I’ve been woken up, asked a question and at the time you will believe it. But then when you brain adjusts and you think about it clearly?! Yeah I think and again just my opinion Whitney has been manipulated by her sister.

  19. Moral of the story when you have penthouses that are being lived in for free no one sees or hears anything the second that is threatened and they lose that luxury they become and angry mob. How is it all the free loaders have the same story's lol

  20. Is it possible that Amber duped her "friends" as well. None of them actually ever saw Depp hitting her but they always saw the "aftermath". "Stacked" is the key word. And after that the lawyer is at a loss. She doesn't even know what she is looking at.

  21. Watching these trials reminds me of a female coworker I used to have…. It's odd how many flashbacks I have while watching. She was addicted to opiates, and I met her after she allegedly "injured" her wrist and was trying to file for Work comp and gain access to pain meds. They ended up offering her a job opportunity in my new department instead somehow. She was a scary person and I've never met anyone like her… not on her level. I ended up leaving the department I was in because of the hostile work environment she created… and she always had an excuse for everything. She could do no wrong… and if you ever crossed her, she'd find sly ways to make everyone miserable. I don't understand how people like this climb or succeed, but they're out there. She left me doubting myself often, and I'm glad to be out of her orbit because they build on lies and those lies become reality for everyone in proximity to them… it's such a disease to be anywhere near them. It leaves you exhausted, it breaks you down… it's just ugliness always unless they're happy. I invited her over for dinner early on and noticed her looking at pills in my kitchen. I left an allergy pill on the counter and I remember being confused by her as she accused me of having a prescription pill problem in a not so subtle way…. and I didn't understand until later that she was projecting. She had a problem and she was hoping I had some pills…. or hoping to take some of the shame off of herself? I'll never know. I actually felt shame that she thought I'd do a thing like that… and I don't miss that feeling. she turned my entire department against me over time until I eventually had no one. I was isolated and cut off.

  22. Anyone else notice that every single time Amber and her friends describe Johnny it always starts; “when Johnny was sober he was wonderful, amazing, kind (etc)”? It’s just odd how it’s always almost exactly the same wording 🤔

  23. Exactly how many court cases of any kind have these people testified in that they cant remember? Seems like bull. I can understand if an expert of some kind who needs to testify a few times a year could not be so clear on memory. But her friends – come on. It was the highlight of their lives and they dont remember. BS

  24. If that is what amber looks like after a beating, then her skin must be like alabaster the rest of the time! Her skin is unswollen, clear, and with minimal blemishes and discolouration. I have had worse cuts on my lips from dehydration. I have lost more hair in my hairbrush in the morning. I’m really confused by how any of these photos are “evidence”. Real bruises are hard to cover with make up, and I mean REALLY hard.

  25. Who’s gonna mention the calendar that is clearly January or February 2015 not December 2015 🤦🏻‍♀️ I can’t be the only one who sees this

  26. Every statement of the mooching woman with dark hair ( in the video) who claims she was scared and "darted out" of Ph #5, ends with a question! She knows she's not telling the truth.

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