Joji returns with a stunning heartbreak ballad. I started with the video but I just had to let the music speak for itself.


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22 Responses

  1. The video depicts from what I would believe to be the troubling decisions a young male who has experienced heartbreak.
    We see clips of a guy (Probably Joji) curled up or laying on a mattress on the floor or sitting in the distance going through depression, and through other clips we see the firecrackers, cars and alcohol. The video also involves shots of a guy removing his hair, which in psychology is often seen in individuals who want to change themselves, and switch out their old selves.
    Sidenote, I also hate how much I can relate to parts of the song and the video.
    Its an amazing piece of music, and having followed him from back in the FilthyFrank days, its crazy seeing how he has moved.

  2. After a break up recently the lyrics hit. Everytime I try to over on and go with someone else, it doesn't feel the same. Ty joji for making this song. Really the best song I've heard this year.

  3. Really wish you could actually add something to the video besides saying “it’s a classic”, “sorry if your going through a breakup”. Could tell the whole time your not even actually processing the song and adding anything.

  4. I think that's how I feel, after losing my ex after 4 years of our relationship, didn't think it was going to hurt so bad, still hurts, still healing, just trying to find a way to stop using drugs to stop the hurt. Been clean off percs for 2 years and only been smoking Weed and doing Valium every now and then. I wish everyone luck who's going through the same thing.

  5. The music video is those guys that grouped up to cope with the feeling that they did not get over there passt lover. Now they drive around in that group and visit the partner that they cant get over one by one confronting themselfes with there feelings forcefully and ending up in pure chaos all the way to insanity. So to get away from it all they stay in a pretty broken place somewhere in the woods and also got some forrest animals around them in there isolation wanting to cope with there feelings that they cant handle. In the end after its all over they burn down the car that dragged them along the way but one guy took something out of the trip. He wasnt taking part on it getting away from the group. He managed to do what the others couldnt.

    Also the entire video felt like they actually looked for a random group of guys that have this issue and told them to get together and confront there problems. They would provide them with all the money they need (ask for) aslong as they film the entire journey which ended up in this video.

    All the faces are censored because of the crimes they commited together to not get any connections.

    I dont know it just felt so real for me or it really is just a well scripted and produced video.

    The video symbolizes that feeling of not beinng able to get over something in this case of the lyrics and video it beinng an old love.

    But you can always cope yourself with that feeling the best example is that the gold old times as a innocent child never return even though you got good times now what you once had wont ever come back. In al lthis chaos the stress and the emotions there is beauty and the entire video and song emphazised exactly that feeling perfectly.

    This entire thing es the resonance of calm and chaos. Torn appart emotions. And thats a broken heart for you.

  6. I know only one Joji's song but I'm aware of his growing popularity, I gave it a listen before watching this video and I was positively surprised! what a record.

  7. He dropped this song the same i lost her. She ripped my heart out, went out clubbing having a good time and i was heartbroken laying in bed when i played this song, got so sad it made me numb. She is doing fine and im here wishing i could hold her one last time.
    Yea im hurt boys.

  8. I first heard it with the video and watched the video through. The song gave it a very somber and sober feel, almost brought me to tears even with my normal life

    Then I listened to the song on my own about 10 times and I have to say it's a different experience. I think it amplifies the video and sets a distinct tone, but imo the music video is more about the video than the music(still beautiful, I will be rewatching periodically)

  9. I haven't listened to joji before, nor have I been in a relationship, but man, this song still hits hard. The vocals and background music are absolutely phenomenal and the way this song captured his experience was surreal. Amazing, amazing song with so much passion, the work and time it took was sooo worth it. The emotional depth it has to it aswell! Definitely one to have a good cry to. This song is bound to leave me coming back for more and listening to some of the other songs he's made.

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