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What We’re Wearing:
Our dresses are from Bébou La Coquette in Saint-Émilion.

Kim’s Yarn Store Visits and Purchases:
La Lainerie:
Rowan Felted Tweed “Maritime” and “Aluminum” and Rowan Kidsilk Haze “Majestic”
for “Light” by Georgia Farrell
Lana Grossa Mille 2
La Droguerie:
Kid Mohair
Caresse “Jardin Japonais” and “Graphite”
Le sac polochon Hippopotame

Kim’s Other Purchases:
Semerdjian Sneakers:

Jonna’s LYS Day Acquisitions:
Periwinkle Sheep Wolke in Bohemian Forest
Sandnes Garn Sunday in Baby Blue Eyes and Tynne in Dark Blue Sky
Purchased at Pick Up Every Stitch

Other Stuff We Talked About/YouTube Channels:
Henry is an 11-year-old long-haired Chihuahua
Kristin Lehrer YouTube Channel:
Mochi Mochi by Anna Hrachovec:

Music: “No.9 Esther’s Waltz” by Esther Abrami
From the No Copyright Audio Library
Download MP3 –

We would like to give a special “Thank You!” to the following…
Felicia and Karen, owners of Pick Up Every Stitch in Mt. Kisco, NY, for allowing us to film in their beautiful store. You can contact/follow them at:
Elena for her guidance, support, photography skills, and so much more. You can follow her at:


22 Responses

  1. You both look so chic! We lived in Paris for about 5 years, and I wish I'd known about La Droguerie! I am so excited to have FINALLY caught up with all your videos – it's a strange quirk, where I really need to start at the beginning and catch up. I am so delighted that I did! I called PUES and ordered yarn for your KAL, which was super thrilling! I'm so happy you had a wonderful trip, Kim!

  2. Sounds like a FABULOUS trip!! I’m so envious! And I’m so impressed with your yarn purchases! My best friend( of 53 years) passed away in April of 2020 from melanoma, but before then we never traveled separately that we didn’t by duplicates of all treasures to share with each other!!! I’m so happy you both have found each other and love to share your passion of knitting with each other! By the way, Henry is precious!❤️❤️

  3. I was wondering, do you think people in France make their clothing more than in America? Your trip sounded fun. Thank you for another good one. — KateColors

  4. So much fun to see the yarn stores in Bordeaux. The last time I was in France I had not started knitting again. Watching this episode made me sad that I missed that shopping opportunity. Love your dresses as well.

  5. I wanted to add that I think that the French are more into not wasting- they're more of less waste is more efficient. I would be thrilled to have yarn sold from cones only two ends to worry about weaving in at end of the project 😀 😄 😊

  6. Kim, Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip and indeed La Droguerie and La Lainerie both remind me of my childhood in France and the incredibly beautiful sense of aesthetic that the French have.
    You might like to know that The Woolly Thistle in Hampshire is an online shop which sells cones of fabulous Scottish and Norwegian yarns.
    I have a very dear friend with whom knit, And you two are like less shy and more outgoing versions of ourselves.
    I look forward to each of your video postings and I look forward to having more time in my life to knit as you do.
    Thank you so much for doing this for all of us❤

  7. I LOVE THIS EPISODE (slightly biased 😜🇫🇷) This all makes me so so happy 😭😭 Thank you for coming to visit us! I am so happy it was such a wonderful experience in a knitting sense too 🥰🥰

  8. What a wonderful trip to France and those yarn shops are amazing. Such a good friend to being Jonna gifts from France. The dresses are so pretty. I can’t wait until i can go on a road trip and visit a yarn shop. 😊

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