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Today, we checked out the TOP 20 most viewed South Indian music videos of 2021 @Music Styles

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  1. Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Tulu these are the s
    South Indian launguages. Kannada and Tulu from Karnataka State, Malayalm from Kerala, Tamil from Tamilnadu and Telugu from Telangana and Andra Pradesh state. Each state has its own film industry and music industry

  2. You havent reacted to Artist """"""""""""""""""""""""SID SRIRAM"""""""""""""""""" yet need special video for his reactions. He sings in Telugu and Tamil predominanly.

  3. You haven't reacted to full song of enjoy enjami the last bit was skipped in your reaction video of enjoy enjami please react again that last bit of song hits different

  4. You can react to the romantic track "surili ankhiyo wale" from the movie 'veer', sung by Rahat Fateh Ali khan and suzanne D' mello. featuring salman khan and zarine khan. Music composed by sajid-wajid.
    It's really a beautiful and peaceful song with a great melody and music. I highly recommend you to react on this. And I think both of you will love it…🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤…

  5. Please.. Don't even think to leave Dr. Satinder Sartaj for punjabi songs..
    His songs that u should check out:-

    1. Dehleez
    2. Udaarian
    3. Zikr tera
    4. Maasoomiyat
    5. Raseed
    6. Qaseeda
    7. Auzaar

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