Life Plus is a network marketing company that has been selling health and wellness products for more than 25 years. It was founded by J. Robert Lemon, William T. Evans, Robert Christian, and Timothy A. Nolan, and now operates in 60 countries worldwide.

The Good…

Life Plus have a large range of products including supplements for your immune system, digestive system, weight-management, circulation, antioxidants, skincare, bones and joints, heart health, and vision.

The products seem decent and offer some good benefits, but the problem with Life Plus is that there are literally hundreds of other health and wellness companies out there selling very similar products so, as a Distributor, how do you stand out from the crowd and persuade people that your business is the best option?

The Bad…

Traditionally, network marketing companies encourage their Distributors to sell to their friends, family, and neighbors. The emphasis is on local marketing techniques like putting up flyers, holding meetings and presentations, handing out free samples, and other techniques designed to appeal to people close to you.

The Ugly…

The problem with this approach is that it limits your growth potential. There are only so many people that you can speak to personally, or whose attention you can catch with a flyer. Once you have run out of friends and family, what happens to your business then? Also, since there are so many other health and wellness companies, trying to make your products stand out is always going to be difficult.

Instead, you need to learn the art and science on targeted marketing on the internet. Every day people log on to the internet and use search engines like Google or Yahoo to look for products that could improve their health and quality of life. The companies that appear at the top of these searches are the ones who get all the business, make all the money, and grow the biggest.

So if you want to grow a massive Life Plus business you need to learn the techniques that will allow you to dominate the search engines. This means that people searching for health solutions will find YOU, and hundreds of people every week will contact you asking about Life Plus and how it can benefit them.

The best bit is, these techniques can be learned and mastered cheaply and easily by anyone. You don’t need to be an expert on computers, you don’t need to have a college degree, or be a master salesperson. You just need to have the desire to improve your business and the will to succeed.

Source by Joshua Fuson

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