Law&Crime’s Angenette Levy answers viewers’ questions about the Johnny Depp v Amber Heard defamation trial. Want your questions asked? Tune in on weekdays during the court lunch break and ask your questions in our live chat.

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35 Responses

  1. I thought her art studio was in L A in one of the pent houses? And then all of the sudden its in Australia ?!!! And what ever happened to the Horse she said she received from Jonny ?

  2. Elaine has lied and twisted the testimonies as much as Amber. A H appears to be a pathological liar and impulsive abuser. She also got her husband back on drugs.

  3. Why didn't Johnny's lawyers bring upthe "bruise kit" seen in the picture of Johnny Depp with spilled ice cream? Amber even said "bruise kit" accidentally and then corrected it.

  4. I took the tram walking. By the way, I don't know the verdict of this judgment in the sense that there was a real reward in the empire of justice for one of the parties. Anyway, in relation to Camille, without a doubt, an excellent lawyer, whose biological determinism and mental engrams that, not only serve for differences in fingerprints, will overcome any and all similar and/or equal circumstances. Her victory lies in making the truth prevail so that an innocent person is convicted and a guilty person acquitted. Sorry, I'm Brazilian and idioms have their variations according to the culture of each country. I have two twin daughters and recently graduated lawyers and I never get tired of showing this beautiful work by both Camille and the entire team. Congratulations to the whole team that made the fair defense of Johnny Depp. By the way, everyone at home knows him, as well as fans, including my wife, I'm glad I'm not handsome like Depp, otherwise I'd have to hire this team too… lol.. Ps:. I only found out who Johnny Depp was with this trial, where, I hope justice is done, because I haven't reached the verdict yet. I take a step by step to perfect my "auditory English . CONGRATULATIONS!!! MAY JOHNNY DEPP TAKE CARE, YOUR LAWYER WINNING HIS MILLIONS OF FANS IN THE WORLD!!!! lol ❤️❤️❤️🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🧑‍🤝 ‍🧑🙋🙋‍♂️

  5. The truth is that it drives her nuts that Johnny kept his promise. "you will never see my eyes again" There is no better punishment than to simply treat her like air. That's why she still tries to provoke him with her lying statements to maybe get lucky and catch a glimpse of him after all. Typical behavior of such people with a mental disorder.

  6. You use ridiculous arguments, you only have one premise, I support Depp, he has been one of my favorite actors but I am able to infer that a person who takes drugs with cocaine, drinks excessively and mixes pills cannot have control and stops being himself, but you nothing, you have laughed and it is embarrassing when the witnesses say that they were afraid to believe that someone was trying to enter the ph3 and it turns out that it was the puppy, how funny right? Well, a person who has suffered aggression and believes that his abuser has returned and is trying to enter is terrified, it turns out that when he was 34 he threw a bottle of alcohol while drunk to attack another person, your conclusion he was young, as if he were a 12-year-old adolescent and the witness a spiteful one who is also 9 years older, causing discredit to his testimony, it is shameful!!! you do not have or know impartiality, you are tendentious and that, ladies and gentlemen, is very dangerous, even the presenter drops that she will see a Depp movie this weekend, if it were up to you there would be no trial, you are from a cheap soap opera, and I repeat I am Depp fan, I have not seen him drunk but denying that he is different consuming cocaine because we like him is unfair, hopefully what remains of the broadcast is impartial, as we all have to be until there is a final sentence

  7. Of all the recordings, where are the recordings of Johnny Depp hitting heard and him blatantly admitting to and/or openly discussing to physically hitting Amber Heard? All I heard was him restraining, defending or running away from her. In the full recordings of 21 May Australia shows how she admits responsibility of the damages when walking into the room. AH says "I did this" or saying she is sorry or anxious he will leave her now.

  8. Is there ONE specific Juror who Amber fixated on during her Testimony. She seems alot like Jodi Arias, in her tactics, methods – to focus on just ONE Juror – who she could sway – is there a Young Man who she could be flaunting too? This is my biggest concern….that she has that ONE Juror – remember how Arias flirted with the MEN in the Jury? I hope the Jurors will not be swayed for Amber — that is my fear. Also, I fear for the Safety for the little Heard Babe. Is Oonaugh Paige SAFE? when we hear how she will swing and deck people — I worry for little Oonaugh.

  9. She says: " I auditioned , I…not Johnny ..well, we all saw your acting in court- she have proved, that it was not her audition ,that got her the role in Aquaman !!!

  10. WHAT I FIND WEIRD AND WRONG IS THAT SO MANY ARE GUNG HO OVER THIS DRUG ADDICT ALCOHOLIC DEPP… WHY? is he paying everyone? why is everyone so in love with such a creep?

  11. I have a broken nose from 42 years ago and you can tell I had a broken wrist. I had to plan my escape and it took me 2 years. Back then they didn't have a lot for victims and I was in another state, far from family and friends.

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