An Air Force veteran wanted a new house for large family gatherings; he ended up getting an incredible link to his family’s past.

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32 Responses

  1. Vindication to their bloodline. Their ancestors were slaves and now their generation owns the land. That is victory! Only God can orchestrate a story like this. There is always a generation that comes out to receive restoration.

  2. Crazy watching this feeling many of them reincarnated to make things right, so it really is full circle. Then seeing some of their ancestors in the video. Some not so happy and some content. Fascinating thanks for sharing!

  3. definitely need to get that cemetery declared as a historic one so it can be protected, and get some geoscanners in there to xray where everyone is laid. Must do an update story on it down the road 60M..

  4. I want to look at this other angle where they are now the owners of the very place their ancestors were enslaved, they did it, they achieved something that cannot be defined by words. All those sacrifices and now they're right where they started but in a much better status.

  5. Another Democrat supported media piece to keep the issue of Racism fresh and to keep the emotions high to deflect on their current failures.
    Democrats are targeting on peoples emotions hence most of their main agenda's are on emotional issues (Racism, Gender, Guns, Environment etc) and not much on the basics and foundations of good governance (Economy, employment, job security, urban and border security etc).

  6. So sad what their ancestors have gone through and heartwarming to learn that their ancestors have prepared that place just for them. We watched Uncle Tom's Cabin in the 1980's sad accounts of slavery in the 1900's. God bless you brothers and sisters.

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