Vocabulary workshop answers level f unit 2 involves words that we seldom use in our day to day conversation making it difficult to comprehend. It is best to know their meanings and use it in the simplest statement possible for easier learning.

The following words are just some of the answers found on vocabulary workshop answers level f unit 2. You can use the following meanings and examples so that you may be guided as well to create your own sentences using the same words.

The first answer is the word, ameliorate which means to make better or become better. As a national athlete, he has to ameliorate to grab the gold medal.

Second word is aplomb which means poise or self-possession. If you are a professional model, you should always display aplomb wherever you may be.

Third word is bombastic, an adjective which means pretentious or boastful language. Many government officials speak in bombastic manner to cover up their shortcomings.

Fourth answer is the word, callow which is an adjective referring to inexperienced or undeveloped. We should never vote for a callow candidate because he might just turn into a follower of overpowering and erring officials rather than lead the nation.

Fifth word is the noun drivel which means nonsense. The audience did not agree with the speaker because everything he said is drivel.

Sixth word is epitome which means a typical example or a paradigm. Mother Theresa is an epitome of a Good Samaritan.

Seventh answer is exhort is a verb which means to urge or advise strongly. Parents should exhort their children the values of good education.

Eighth word is ex officio which means by virtue of holding a certain office. The governor is the ex officio member of the committee.

Ninth answer is infringed which is a verb that means to break or violate. To avoid any legal action, do not infringe any patent.

Last word is ingratiated which means to bring oneself to another’s favor. The politician gave money to the charity and had it published in order to ingratiate himself with admiration.

Vocabulary workshop answers level f unit 2 is indeed words that we don’t come across everyday but it pays to know and understand them well. Building your vocabulary skills will improve your communication skills as well.

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