Megan Thee Stallion accepts the award for Top Rap Female Artist at the Billboard Music Awards 2022.

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The Billboard Music Awards, a subsidiary division of the iconic Billboard brand, honors some of the hottest names in music today. Billboard Music Awards finalists are based on key fan interactions with music, including album and digital singles sales, radio airplay, touring, streaming and social interactions on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, VEVO, Spotify and other popular online destinations for music. These measurements are tracked year-round by Billboard and its data partners, including Nielsen Entertainment and Next Big Sound.

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37 Responses

  1. We had better musicians with better music before this none virtuous era. More dignified performers … with significant messages who didn’t lead the youth astray for vanity. Even if they spoke hood ish or sexy, that was just a snippet within their song, but not the entire nature of the song. They were more tactful/creative with their word play , and spoke to the ears of the adults but left the children ears safe. Today the whole entire song be ripping the kids ears to pieces and Gouging out their eyes with these porno style videos. Our Good music was more than “getting head and taking his bread… f b!tches and doing drugs”…. the videos were more than a$$ or fake a$$es… we promoted love, dignity and self improvement. they have signed up to lead the youth astray more than they have signed up to make good music. Good music has good messages…. and makes people feel and be good. All of this corrupt music, as if the devil will not dispose of them and rip their souls apart , even after they do his dirty work. They signed up to be willfully betrayed by the devil

    This is not about her specifically … bc I’ve never even heard her music beyond 13 seconds, but within those 13 seconds it was pure porn . She’s talented with her delivery and flow but the message could be better. I’m all about uplifting the youth not leading them astray. This whole entire era of music is pure garbage and lacks dignity and passion. Everyone leading GOD’s children will pay… for HE says you are better off tying an anchor around your neck and jumping into the sea than to lead his youth astray. Black people wonder why we digress instead of prosper … the largest book in the Bible is PSLAMS , bc music is powerful. It can build a nation or tear it down

    If it doesn’t promote love it promotes division. GOD will NEVER reward that with anything but vengeance. Exactly why the eventuality of many of these celebrities is a horror story.

    It’s sad that people use the gift GOD gave them for pure evil sprinkled in glitter. No self respect. Teaching people to disrespect themselves and others … for what?

    Deceased white men on green paper. And the backlash I will possibly receive for this comment PROVES MY POINT.

    only stupidity comes from foolish music. That’s their objective. Keep you stupid so they can keep defeating you, and guess who helps them do it?…. your own people.

    Go and collect all of those youthful black souls for us and I will trade you a bunch of deceased slave masters on green paper that burns.

    Black lives don’t matter to anyone who does this. It may seem small, but anyone with some sense knows it’s not. BRONG BACK DIGNIFIED MUSIC 💯

  2. Soooo we gonna act like nobody in the background said "you ain't got no mama your mama is dead" oooh ight just making sure it is what it is 😬😕 and why she say it like that tho..

  3. Jayz is crooked as those teeth he had as a little boy,360 deals hes been doing since Rihanna, 6 Albums 1 million dollars, hes tbe WORST and Meg has to do all this stuff and did nothing but repeating her Mothers raps and adding her Aahh retarded sounds, she don't Rap shes Rep aka REPEATING AND ITS A DIRTY BUSINESS I WOULDN'T F WITH HIM ALL THESE 360 DEALS.

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