MORE RECEIPTS! Eve Barlow EXPOSED! Amber Heard’s Girlfriend Was THIRSTY for Johnny Depp!

Excerpt from Newsweek
Amber Heard Pal’s Plea to ‘Leave Amber Alone’ Backfires Massively Online

Eve Barlow, a journalist and outspoken friend and supporter of Heard, has been using her platform to advocate for the Aquaman star throughout the multimillion-dollar defamation trial by her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

Although she turned off comments, the tweet was inundated with quote tweets, most of which responded with something along the lines of “leave Johnny alone.”

This even led to the phrase “leave Johnny alone” trending on the platform late Tuesday.

Elaine Bredehoft, says Heard was “demonized” in the courtroom, an enormous amount of evidence was suppressed and that she plans to appeal the verdict.

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43 Responses

  1. I'm team JD all the way. With saying that, I think people change their minds all the time. Especially other people. If she does believe Amber Heard, she very well may have loved JD at one point and doesn't anymore.

  2. I watched the movie “The Tourist” with Johnny Depp & Angelina Jolie. for the first time , with my daughter today. It’s a great movie… Rumor has it, It wasn’t good for Johnny’s relationship with Vanessa. But, I guess that could just be hearsay? 😂😘🍿🏴‍☠️🍫🎸💜

  3. I'll tell you what, I'm a straight white male just a few years younger than Johnny Depp, and I'd be excited also if JD asked for my number. I mean come on this is the guy who played Edward Scissorhands, Captain Jack Sparrow and a guy who from all accounts is extremely intelligent and is an amazing guitar player. I mean even though we probably don't have the same political views or anyting I would still love to sit down and hang out with the guy and shoot the breeze. And I would say most people would feel that way.

  4. So he supposedly asked for her number when he was marrying AH when that was posted?? Didn't JD & AH marry in February of 2015. Something suspicious for sure. Maybe eve was a part of something with AH for long while then??

  5. Hootenanny! My grandmother, from the appalachians in Tennessee, is descended from the Scots-Irish who settled the area. They are wonderful people, kind, loving, that's why I LOVE that area of TN, along with my Nanny's family.

  6. Eve who..😳😳😳😳 another nameless individual who is seeking her 10 minutes of fame by riding on the coat tail of a loser…tragic 🤮😂😳

  7. I just wish they would leave jd alone..he deserves to live his life in peace..he was honest in his testimony and ah just frigging lied all the way through..just wish ah and her free loading friends would grow up instead acting like 2yr old

  8. Captain Jack isn't even my favorite. But to most people it is.

    Right I mean he's not technically in Rango it's just his voice so.

    He knew what was up. I doubt he would hang out with someone shallow like that.

  9. Isn't lucid dreaming when you're aware that you're dreaming and therefore able to control the dream? Meaning if she was actually lucid dreaming she wanted them to be there. No idea if she meant it this way or not though.

  10. STEFF!!!! Everyone is a JD fan. Everyone knows he is a spectacular actor and only take on characters that challenge him and are not the norm. This is what makes him great. Whether people admit it or not. Jack Sparrow just suited him so well, however all his movies are intriguing and different. I LOVED the Tourist and Fear and Loathing, SweeneyTodd as well as I do the rest. It seems that when his name is in the movie, regardless if "it" does not become a box office hit or popular, people will watch it because of him. Side note: Im a huge fan of GoT and Jason Mamoa and when Aquaman came out, I could NOT watch Aquaman. It was a far cry from GoT. But Jason was still lovable. Who is Eve Barlow? jk

  11. Stef, girl, you have GOT to see "The Libertine"!!
    It's fo shizzle one of the most intriguing characters he's ever played.
    One scene, ya wanna fk him; the next, ya wanna gut him….It's maddening in the most beautiful way😻
    The entire movie is great and the casting is brilliant.
    Even if you're not down with 'period pieces', you'll probably dig this.

    I'd be curious to know what ya think should you watch it so if ya do, could ya like tag me here or however ya do that on YT?
    (I'm 52 & surprised I can navigate ANY 'social media', lol!😸)

  12. "I'd be like take my digits" I'm sure he wouldn't because he knows how painful it is to lose a finger or part or one, at least 😂 I'm sorry i couldn't resist making this dumb pun, though de'd be dumb not to take your number, just saying!

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