The White House works to speed up baby formula production amid a shortage, concern intensifies over a possible recession as markets drop, and the CDC issues a warning after a suspected case of monkeypox in the U.S.

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43 Responses

  1. The news lady said The mothers were forced to pay hundreds of dollars out of their pocket.🤔 Well then who's responsible. So I could say I was forced to pay hundreds of dollars out of my pocket to pay for my children's school supplies like who else responsibility is it

  2. Sure don't allow me to post the truth let everybody believe the lives of media you guys are all on trump you should be on Biden

  3. You know I don't hear you talking about Biden and how you put everybody on respirators and killed them when they got coronavirus what do you think about that people that got the virus it's a respiratory disease you don't put up you don't blow it in your lungs more with a respirator instead of treating them And they knew there was treatment available this has been planned since Clinton

  4. You girls are crazy OK there was no riot at the White House what's happening is we're rebelling we're getting our freedom back because our corporate government, Are using usA sk the lateral to pay their debts

  5. This is all planned our corporate government is planning all of this they're gouging us their price gouging us so how do they do that they limit the supply

  6. Of course they're not telling you what the formulas are because they're being planted by the FBA in the government we have been Guinea pigs our whole lives wake up people they are doing this for money that's it we're only collateral to them

  7. The FDA has been Contaminating our foods all of our lives with preservatives which are medications that they use us for Guinea pigs. Our life expectancy should be almost 200 years old they've been killing us for century

  8. Don't you see what's happening? Get cut and formula off so they can Jack up the price that's what's happening everything's happening right now is all about our corporation government making money and we are their slaves

  9. My question is why haven't we as human beings realize that 74 million delusional narcissistic psychopaths/sociopaths voted for a racist bigot, and truly don't care about other human beings because only want to use others for their self greed? Stop these fake media outlets, knowing that they truly don't care about the human beings, with fake smiles.

  10. Why can't breast feeding mother's share their milk with other babies like a neighbor or have young women starying in their 20s be giving hormones to start milk production?

  11. Welcome to the world of the people that struggle every day to live belay pay check to pay check and those who worked two jobs to raise their kid's and tried to not be a welfare parent and now at 60 looks forward to having to work until 70 just to be able to get 1100. Hundred a month to live on until I die when right now it costs in the worst studio apartments cost 1000. A month then you all wonder why there are so much homeless

  12. Looks like white people are able to get formula, I only see black and brown people who can't get their hands on it. So I wonder who's grabbing the surplus of formula.

  13. B4 formula, I used can milk on 3 of My Kids. 6 spoons can milk , to 1 cup of water, or bottled water. My children survived, & My Mom gave it to My Sister's and Brothers when we were infants

  14. Milk shortage :Seems intentional!!A 10y old could figure out that 85% of wic formula wasn't going to be available so they would know it needed to be replaced asap in another way or fix what went wrong..they've had 4 months!!!!Now it can be done in 2 weeks?!!Truly sickening!!!

  15. As an expecting mother, it is terrible and I’ll try my best to breast feed this time around. I applied to WIC last time but I wonder how this lady was able to qualify for 9 cans of formula per baby, that’s crazy. I used my benefits for WIC twice just because I didn’t want to take anything away from someone who can actually needed it, besides the formula they provide you with is Similac which was found to be toxic

  16. 15 months ago the nearest Russian tank was 600 miles from the Ukraine, and the Chinese navy was tied to the dock. Inflation was 1.4%, gas $2.20 a gallon, and we were a net exporter of energy. The US had an economy that was the envy of the world, and the southern border was under control. It only took 15 months of the sock pupit in the oval office to do this much damage. Makes you wonder what kind of damage the next 15 months will bring?

  17. Don't ever give an infant Goat's Milk. It does not contain any iron. My child almost died because I gave him Goat's Milk. He became so anemic that he was rushed to the ER and on the verge of getting a blood transfusion. Lucikly he responded to the intravenous iron in time and made a full recovery. However, he required prescription formula from that point on. I thought I was doing good and read about Goat's Milk in a baby book. It was wrong information!!!!!!

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