NCT DREAM’s 2nd album repackage “Beatbox” is out!
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01 Beatbox
02 Fire Alarm
03 버퍼링 (Glitch Mode)
04 Arcade
05 마지막 인사 (To My First)
06 너를 위한 단어 (It’s Yours)
07 잘 자 (Teddy Bear)
08 Sorry, Heart
09 Replay (내일 봐)
10 Saturday Drip
11 Better Than Gold (지금)
12 미니카 (Drive)
13 북극성 (Never Goodbye)
14 Rewind
15 별 밤 (On the way)

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00:00 #BringYourBeatbox
00:24 🥁 Cool Kids on Beatbox
01:16 👉😜👈 Everywhere I go bring the Beatbox!

NCT DREAM Official

#NCTDREAM #Beatbox
NCT DREAM 엔시티 드림 ‘Beatbox’ MV ℗ SM Entertainment


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  1. 7Dream never failed. The best decision to make them fixed unit. Being triple million seller, sold out ticket concert in gocheok sky dome for 3 days arrow. My rich, young, humble, and handsome boys. You all will always loved.

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