NEB Class 12 Exam on Trending | Sucide || Fight with DI || Rudeness | Hard Questions

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39 Responses

  1. Mitrapark ma raheko Pashupati campus le gareko rubbish ra unfair behavior ma kei action linu paryo k thau ma thula Bada vako student lai ra Hami lai different behavior dekhaunna milxa??.K thau ma thula Bada vako student haru lai exam hall ma mobile lagera garne rule xa ??.Sathi le calculator leyera firta magta choryo vanera account subject ma 8 marks ko balance sheet katna Paine re tei class ma arule mobile bata google ko use garera answer garna milne Pani hunxa ??Bord exam ko Kun rule ma xa thula Bada ko xora xori le mobile bata garna paune vanera.Sarkari college vayera hola sarkari rule rajniti Pani chalne.khatam third class rubbish behavior dekhaunna milxa yesari exam center ma ??.

  2. Aajkalko ktakt harule phonema jati time waste garxan tyetianai time study garne ho vane jatisukai hard question aaye pani uniharulae kehi garo hudaina thyo

  3. Aajkalko ktakt fb ani tiktok ma badi dhyan dinxanta ani kaha bata pass hunxata yedi uniharulae fb ani tiktok bare jati nai hard question sodheni fix vanna sakxan waeyat

  4. You people are only talking about math social. Here we law student are disappointed by civil and criminal law and justice😫 question.

    Matlab question paper dekhne bittikai irritated feel hune runa man lagxa yaar.
    Ani even hamro guard be like pakhehru

  5. Ani paxi government job na garne lai ta social subject burden nai vayo ni ta.Jaslai jata ko knowledge linu xa jun subject padhnu xa tei padhda hunxa ni. Afu lai paxi k kaam garnu xa kun subject paxi kam ma aaune ho tyo subject lai alik mazza le focus garera padhaune ani aru lai thorae focus garne. Sab ghokda ghokda dimakh kharab hunxa important important padhera gayo ani tyo important vako question chai exam mai aaudaena. 100% ma 100% nai ta padhai ma janne hudaenan ni ani question chai tei janne ko matra exam ho jasto garera banako xah.
    Suicide last solution ho👍

  6. Dai yedi MarkSheet ma # vayo vane
    Feri re exam diyera ramro garepa
    Australia Jana kunai बाधा त हुँदैन !
    फेरि तेले पर्ने असर पनि भन्दिनु पर्यो !!!

  7. dai mei le tw Suicide gar nei par dei na ghar ka le mar xan nei. tei maathi maile matra yo kura buje rw k gar nu samaaj le ramro padna paro ni pass huna vani haal xan gharkaalaai ani malaai buj na khoj daani khoj dei nan plz yo ghar samaaj ma buj ne gari bujaai dina paro ramro napadera haina neb ko question nei tes to ho vane rw plzzz dai

  8. For those of you saying that it wasn't good of her to sucide listen to yourselves first… Just because sucide doesn't come to your mind doesn't mean that it doesn't come in others.. Sucide is never a solution but not everyone one has the same mentality..It takes a lot to go in that situation, u can say that your exam doesn't determine your future but boards exams are not just "exams".

  9. I have also thought about suside yr🙂….our family aspectation what all about that sometimes only suside is the Solution of everything 🤦Exam ko lagi gareko yetro preparation ko ta value nai vyena ni napadeko hoina hamle💔🤦

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