You’ll like her when she’s angry.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, an Original series from Marvel Studios, starts streaming August 17 on Disney+.

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45 Responses

  1. Honestly, I’m looking forward to this but the story looks like a parody of something. It’s a no for me and bury this timeline. Find a great writer who can make She-hulk shine.

  2. We go thru this "the CGI sucks!" thing every time something comes out. It doesn't even look that bad. It's mainly just the hair. It looks strange but everything else looks normal. Ppl really have no thoughts of their own anymore. Just negative parrots with phones.

  3. What MCU Things?

    I'm Really Exited For This Movie Since After Avengers Endgame. And Now You'All Showing This Trailer Are Smooth CGI? I Mean… That's Not Be Better, She Moves Like A Jump, Break That Wall, And She Face Like A Dollxx, Yeah I Agree With Anypeople Saying "He's Like a Shrek"

    Don't Worry About It Marvel 👌 We Know on Your Budget;)

  4. this literally just popped up in my recommended but i LOVE this actress! she was also in orphan black which i highly suggest to anyone who likes her from this show, she’s incredibly talented so im sure she will be amazing in she-hulk

  5. Why do men complain so much when it's a woman lead? Go watch Iron man, Spider man, Thor, Captain America, Shang-chi, Black Panther, or Ant-Man if you want to see a male lead…

  6. I know she-hulk was still a slim woman with muscles in the comics, (which is lowkey the same as every other woman comic book hero), but I was really hoping they'd branch away from the stereotype and give her a more interesting design. Why not just commit to the muscle like they do with the hulk? I'd be all for it! No way they couldn't afford it right? Quit trying to look pretty all the time is what I'm saying, I'm just a little drained from all the woman superhero's prioritizing looks over what practical. And god forbid, if we DO get a practical woman superhero, they have to make such a big deal over it in the movie/show? I just want a character that looks the role they're supposed to be playing while also NOT having that be their whole personality. This goes for all heroes really, both male and female.

    Reguardless, I'm not super excited for this series because I'm super underwhelmed with this she hulk. I might stick around for the comedy and if there's any story, but this character design just isn't it.

  7. What in TARNATION is that !!!!!!
    She is supposed to be She HULK, not Miss Veggie!
    Where are her muscles??!!! Why is she so small??!!!! What kind of B******Cht is that ??!!
    Ok, Hear me out. What is the main super power of being a Hulk? Being Super huge and have a lot of muscles that give you your strength. And what is a human being made of? Muscles! Ok, and what are women? Human beings!!!! So what Macarooni is happening right now?
    I'm seriously disappointed. Yes, dimorphism between men and women exist, but people you are really not taking us seriously. Not too long ago you presented to us Captain Carter, a stong and beautiful woman, physicaly and mentally. Now you have She Hulk, who is the incarnation of the brutal Strength in the hand of a woman and you just make her look like she has been squating and going to regular gym sessions.
    This is sad. This is really disappointing. Please do better, show us better, inspire us more.

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