Pakistan Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto met his US counterpart Antony Blinken. Is Pakistan, and US trying to mend ties? Bilawal Bhutto Zardari responds to WION’s questions and talked about competing with India.

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35 Responses

  1. Just a puppet
    Doesn’t have sense what to say
    He is looking for words in his brain 🧠 to speak up
    He has no idea what is he doing 😅🤣😂it’s Hilariously Hilarious 😂

  2. Lakkhh laantt aysi olaadd pe jo aj tak apni walida k qatil nai pakar saka…
    Lakh laany aysi olaadd pe jo apni ko sare aamm zaleel karny walon k sath mil k hakomat chala raha hy ..lakh lannt aysy admi pe jiska apna koi political career nai or apni maann or nannaa k naam pe politics kar raha hy ..lakh laant aysy haram pe paly howay insan pe jiska baap cruppet tarenn or mafiaa ho…lakh laant aysy admi pe jisnay 40 saall sindh pe hakoomat ki or wahan ki awam janwar sy badtar zindgii rkhti ho jahan tharrr ka bachaa aj b paani sy mahroom hoo..lakhh lanaat aysi ghulam awam pe jo isko phr b leader mannti hy ….

  3. Bilawal Bhutto gives a statement stating that Yasin Malik should be aquitted. He is not only delusional but also a perfect strain of hypocrisy.

  4. Pakistani army is the cancer of Pakistan. look at the history the did more damage than betterment to country if u read neutral histroy. Pakistani people must stand against them for theri azadi but army will never allow to happen showing they are the safeguard against India. army is the main enemy of general people not India

  5. Import government well not except ppp balawal and company in Pakistan nomber 1 corrupt political party I m give challenge to ppp balawal and pmln nawaz sharef show to world how much thy strong in Pakistan Pakistani nation no except ppp pmln jui because from 35 years this 3 political pary making government and trasfar money to America and UK thy will not want Pakistan stand up with own legs now that 3 corrupt political party com in government with saport of America u all media people watching imran khan in public speech how can balawal sy imran khan is selected government shamles for u balawal if u reall men go to Pakistan and take vote from public shym of u balawal

  6. After watching Bilawal, my respect for Rahul Gandhi has reached the moon.
    He can't be the Pakistani Raga ! He is just one of a kind of a joker in himself.

  7. I would say pakistan not talking to India , is actually good for India or else pakistan might ask money from India to conduct terrorist activities in India 😐😐😐😂

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