Playing through Poppy Playtime Chapter 2. Is Huggy Wuggy going to make an appearance? Who is this long legged nightmare? Let’s find out together, shall we?


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  1. Can we talk about how we see the main antagonist in both of the chapter in a dark hallway with a hand print thingy? so basically if you see a dark hallway with a hand print thing you will know the main antagonist is going to appear there

  2. I have a theory….. 🧐🧐

    Theory: The person who grabbed Mommy Long Legs was actually Daddy Long Legs the most high intelligence creation in the factory and that he will be seeking to use Mommy Long Leg's body to make himself stronger and get rid of the player/worker for good :)) Btw if you listen carefully to what she says which is "NOOOOOO HE'LL MAKE ME PART OF HIM" I think when she says that she means Daddy Long Legs who soon after took the part of her body that was on the floor will use her body to make her part of him also making himself stronger. That is my theory pls don't come after me bc u don't agree with it

  3. mark literally is givin away the lore cause theres a theroy that the darknes rises in the animitronic-ahem test subgects.
    and he litterally says geez the tension in here

  4. The scariest part for me was the memory game bc I was anxious that Bunzo was going to get Markiplier…. :'D Poppy Playtime is honestly more terrifing than Five Nights at Freddy's 9 in my opinion…. Also that one scene when mommy says "Mommy has other ways to play with you~" That was kindaaaaa SUS 😭✋

  5. I never knew how much I loved Lixian's edits because half of this video I was just annoyed with how Mark was being for some reason. It was like he was trying way to fucking hard to appease people.

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