President Biden is ‘good’ after falling off his bike at a Delaware beach while approaching reporters.

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22 Responses

  1. Biden/ Pelosi/Johnson is screwing the hell out of every tax payer (FACT). The longer a pandemic or war, the more inflation will increase as the tax payer is funding all this! I really don’t think the UK and USA general public tax payer wants to provide weapons of mass destruction to the Ukraine. Rather than ignore Putin, we want Biden and Johnson to re-open talks with Russia. It’s the UK and USA who are prolonging this war and actually help killing the Ukraine citizens. Let’s STOP the west from interfering with other countries cultures… isn’t that then actual democracy instead of the USA/ NATO/ UN dictating what their version of democracy is @Joe Biden @Boris Johnston –

  2. What a weak and worst president ever in America,i feel terrible why people still choose him as a president, that's show how weak Americans people are, just liked him

  3. Today Biden mentioned that the right to abortion was a constitutional right wrong again Potato Head their job is to uphold the Constitution not your personal opinion and if it's not zielinski it's Trump's fault right nothing's yours LOL

  4. Cmon guys, why do you shared this with us the rest of the world non westerns alliances, or simply said the uncivilized world enemies ? We do not want to look at the one whom declared us as enemy to themselves like a bloke, without unworthy respected rivals. This is like an insult to us.😂

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