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  1. IM BACK! And I want to start the summer with a channel favorite!
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  2. 10:22 yeah I saw one guy buy all the baby food in the store where one can was $3.99. He then proceeded to get on Craigslist and sell one can for $200!? Yeah, people think they can make easy money from suffering people. It’s awful.

  3. As a Muslim, anyone Muslim who thinks it's ok to commit violence upon others can piss off. And as a Muslim, I apologize that the absolutely extreme and radical nutjobs have become the forefront of my religion and in turn given the perception that this is what Islam is all about. Shit's crazy nowadays and I'm very much saddened by this.

  4. I feel for the people who are affected by the formala shortage. My grandma couldn't lactate and had to formala feed my mom and aunt. And I most likely won't be able to breastfeed either because of the meds I have to take. Or even if you adopt a kid and your body just isn't prepared to locate.

  5. i think the dude put a camera in joe biden's bathroom and watched him take a poop
    edit: holy shit i was way too far from the truth

  6. wtf is wrong that you are scared to say the word rape, the poor little girl was raped and you can't even have the decency to say what happened to her, i'd say it's you that's the piece of shit

  7. cancer or not if he owes rent he needs to pay emotions don't come in to it, he signed a contract, you expect the landlord to live on nothing? It's not his fault the tenant has cancer

  8. I wish these pos lowlifes can be erased from this world or at least experience intense pain. There's so much awfulness in this world and I wish things can get better.

  9. 23:0723:36

    I've watched many videos in this series showcasing the lengths people will go to just to see what they can get away with. But of all the things that could leave me recoiling in disgust (besides the story of the 13-year-old girl from India being… taken advantage of by both her attackers and the police officer she looked to for help), it's the fact that someone who works in food delivery service decided to re-enact what happened at Biggest Little Fur Con 2021 by releasing their… sexual energy all over the pizzas of non-tipping customers.

    I was indifferent to the concept of tipping, at first. Then, I started thinking it wouldn't be that bad to do. Now? I don't know what to think, anymore.

    Anyone wondering what I meant when I mentioned Biggest Little Fur Con 2021… I'm referring to this:

    and this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlsTy8NvDag

    For added context, here's some information on the person who thought leaving "fluids" on a pizza was a good idea: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxCEvxxxz8c&list=UUPsCaLn4D9PO4E5qTy3MN_g&index=2

  10. 10:12 i have heard and seen stuff about people doing this with things like consols model kits and booster boxes but they atleast wait untill its a good price to sell them like they dont inflate the price thekselves but ya that person is just evil

  11. Well, it states clearly in the holy Quran "whoever kills an innocent soul has the same sin as someone who killed humanity as a whole"
    It pains me to constantly apologize on behalf of crazy lunatics, but as a true Muslim,I find it my duty to clean off my religion's name.

  12. 22:55 how come THIS one doesn't make me mad/angry/pissed? Ik it's still bad, but compared to what we have seen in the video, this one seems tameish (also have been listening/reading r/relationships and r/AITA a lot that have infidelity stories so I might be a bit immune to it).

  13. 19:45

    During these tough times a lot of people who order food online depend on it. I feel that the customers are effected a lot by this especially if they have somewhere to be or something to do and they have to go hungry.

  14. The formula shortage is honestly terrifying. Due to the health issues of both my mom, and us kids my mom was unable to breastfeed. She couldn't provide the nutrients that we needed and we had severe milk allergies. To assume that breastfeeding is the right option for everyone is ridiculous. Not only can it be unsafe for some, but it is also extremely time consuming, and potentially costly. If you are buying up all the formula to resell it for a higher cost you are awful.

  15. In Sweden we recently got a total ban on confetti outside. School was very clear to tell people to *follow the law and save the environment*. Guess what people still did on graduation day 🤪

    (Honestly it got me very mad)

  16. 17:51 I went to read the story it's worse than the headline looks for one the men didn't rape her once and then let he go they kept her for four days raping her over the course of those days a quote the officer who raped her said is 'After the investigation, if it's proven I'm guilty then…I am 100% innocent.'

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