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  1. 5:52 had to look up OBGYN, turns out it isn't an acronym so not sure why The Quartering capitalised it and made it look like one – anyway, it's basically a gynecologist and I don't know why he didn't just say that.

  2. I hate when people like 1:32 say "objectively speaking" before saying something entirely subjective.

    Also hate when grown adults fancy such young kids so much but who doesn't.

    MILFs rule.

  3. they find sending “pics” to random women fine, but if a woman they didn’t find attractive, or “god forbid” another guy, did the same thing they’d get angry

  4. Here’s the thing. No 15-16 year old looks the same. My younger sister looks older than I do at 21 at that age and I looked 12 at that age.

    Look. I get it. You see an attractive woman who looks of age and find out she’s not and feel bad. That’s fine. It’s normal.

    Pursing after isn’t.

    Seeing someone that looks like a child or teen and being friendly and parental is fine. Find out she’s of age but young looking and still don’t feel anything sexual? Congrats, also normal.

    But why are you just specializing all children?

  5. also, if they tried putting anime stuff on hygiene products, the neckbeards will buy them, but never use them, keeping them in "mint condition" and having them be collectibles

  6. 8:17 dude, there's nothing wrong with wanting to see what the other dubs are for a show in any language. It can be fun! Watched a little bit of G1 Transformers in Chinese because I saw a compilation of Soundwave's Chinese voice and thought it'd be cool to check it out. I mean, I'm not saying this guy couldn't be like how you're saying but now that it's on my mind, I think it'd be cool to watch a couple episodes of Avatar in Japanese just to see how some of my favorites are voiced

  7. "I'm not being weird or anything" he says as he demands this poor girl respond to his creepy h*rny DM instead of doing god knows what she was already going through without having to deal with him being a creep lmao

  8. I mean and still Amber Heard is still lucky she got a career despite lying about Johnny Depp but Johnny Depp career is 100% because of Amber Hurst lies and the neckbeards aren't helping cuz they're basically just the same as Amber Heard defenders despite getting caught constantly lying about Johnny Depp she got off Scot free Hollywood will still hire her even though she is a horrible liar but Johnny Depp the true victim is 100% fucked so Amber Heard could go f*** off with her phony tears

  9. 4:03
    IDK if I’m gonna regret this but what’s the context here… I got the rough idea people are doing you what to their you know where but I want to know more context

  10. 9:10 Yeah, I'm no weaboo, but I do have all the current seasons of Lego Ninjago in Japanese ^^;; no subtitles though; it's to help with my listening comprehension. And Japanese dubs of American shows and films are pretty cool – I used a scene from 'Venom' to highlight the differences in translation of colloquial expressions for uni – but this guy's mention of Azula specifically gives me the idea that it's sexually motivated…

  11. 6 Ways To Give Your Mind A Break:

    1. Stop stressing

    2. Stop worrying

    3. Give rest to the problems weighing you down

    4. Lighten up

    5. Forgive yourself

    6. Forgive others

  12. Honestly she hulk looks like pure cringe especially since it's Disney we're talking about the very company that hates the consumer or for wanting good content up until they finally did something decent and gave us Obi-Wan I hate the fact that Disney tries to make Star Wars into MCU clone when Star Wars is a million times better than marvel or at least was with the original trilogy

  13. Full story for the OBGYN – the woman's mother was a patient of this OBGYN and was having fertility issues. She worked with this doctor for artificial insem, conceived, and gave birth to the daughter. Daughter used the same OBGYN. I don't remember what led to the suspicions, but she covertly got a DNA sample from the doctor and sent the samples away. (Nothing weird; something along the lines of snagging a freshly discarded cigarette)

    The results obviously came back showing that the doctor was the woman's biological father. The woman's mother thought she received from a specific donor and was duped by the doctor. So both mother and daughter were traumatized by this in different ways.

    It later came to light that the woman's mother wasn't the only victim of this 'accidental swap', and that doctor has quite a few biological children who've come forward.

    (Generic synopsis, don't remember names or dates, it was part of some true crime series I watched – some details may be wrong!)

  14. The anime and hygiene company thing reminds me that there was a deodorant brand that had scents based of haikyuu characters and I almost got one but they were too expensive lol

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