Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Pete Davidson and Kyle Mooney have been fixtures on the long-running NBC sketch show for years.

While “Russian Doll” actress Natasha Lyonne made her “SNL” host debut, much of the finale’s attention focused on Pete Davidson, Kate McKinnon, Kyle Mooney and Aidy Bryant, who marked Saturday’s episode as their last.

News of the “SNL” departures came Friday but were more tangible with tender moments during Saturday’s episode. Before the show, Davidson said his goodbyes in a touching post on “SNL” writer Dave Sirus’ Instagram page. McKinnon waved goodbye to the audience in the opening sketch under the guise that she was being abducted by aliens, Mooney appeared in many of the night’s sketches and trend forecaster Bryant said her time on the show was “in.”

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  1. Now the show is going to suck seriously also with one of the best wrtter Kyle….. I'm telling yall with this 4 gone the show is screwed I have been watching snl for awhile now I'm really worried 😟 😨

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