A shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas left 19 children and two adults dead on Tuesday. Governor Greg Abbott later said authorities killed the 18-year-old lone gunman. https://www.fox4news.com/news/uvalde-texas-elementary-school-shooting

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21 Responses

  1. By Any means necessary. The Government is picking apart your right to bare arms. They are slowly picking apart the Bill of Rights at all costs to make room for their New World Order.

    All Costs!

  2. We are in the age of the Internet and virtual learning. We should be preparing our children for the future accordingly. I get the social aspect of children being together at a school setting, but they, are socializing online and can agree to meet somewhere safe. They don't need to be in a school building. OK, so let's say we lock the doors, put steel shields up over the windows etc. Now our children have to leave the building to get on the bus or walk home. School buses are already being targeted. Kids are often shot outside of school. You still have a gunman picking them off. If society insists on making guns more available, then society has to remove the human target opportunities. I tell my children, keep your head on a swivel, stay out of crowded situations like stores, theaters, festivals, etc. Sound paranoid does it. The more guns there are the more likely there going to be used in a variety of situations. Society has to change to accommodate the desires of gun owners. Plus, we all have to arm ourselves for what's coming next. Who's knows what that's going to be. According to the Republican politics today. They want a civil war. You're going to see more killings. Many will be politically motivated by the politicians themselves for the purpose of getting more votes and money from the wealthy. The wealthy class want Americans to continue to hate each other so we keep our eyes off them and their money. Thats the bare bones truth of what's happening today.

  3. So I gotta question for u cap… how you gonna let police officers go inside…. retrieve their own children…. Then hold other parents back… the police didn’t kill the suspect… btw a parent of a student got a text from his wife who’s a teacher there, that their daughter and them were in danger from a shooting… so a civilian acted faster than the police…. While 40 cops stood outside like cowards a civilian took faster and did the job himself. Texas you are the state of guns and freedom… shame on you and all your troopers. Shame on every officer that didn’t go rushing in there.

  4. Bunch of cowardly police officers….did not matter that they have all the guns, they just did not go inside. I have always supported police officers. I’m in conflict now. They were afraid to go inside and as a consequence all those kids die slowly, that is brutal. Speed is of the essence.

  5. Let me say one thing…. you have resource officers, twice because the assailant had a bigger 🔫 they chose not to engage and preserve their lives…. while they sit there & let the massacre of innocent people, most importantly children. is beyond me 🙏🏽 this shooter doesn't have little or no experience 🤫 these resource officers, they hunt, they go to shooting ranges, they have 20 plus years of experience. it doesn't matter if he had an assault rifle, you have a weapon, a gun. okay he's got armor…. shoot at his legs. or shoot at his head once you impaired him in the legs. he's going to go down. then that's when you hit him with a head shot. The two resource officers and two different cases… point blank did not want to die…. did not want to die, even though they took an oath. they wanted to preserve their lives. while innocent children and teachers are being massacred by evil. they say in the streets. that a white man, uses guns as an extension to their manhood 🍆 so basically you telling me… he had a bigger 🍆 AKA 🔫. then you allegedly everything that I say is allegedly… basically got the f*** out the way… 🤫 and let evil kill innocent children and women. because you wanted to enjoy whatever's left of your life and whatever you got going on with your family in your life. how do these people sleep at night ? COWARDS!!! they want a gun so bad. but when they got one. they don't even want to use it…. the fact is this resource office….. had a 🔫 it doesn't matter if his gun was smaller. the fact is your older, you're supposed to be wiser, you supposed to be more experienced, but these resource officer. just like the one before him… didn't want to risk their lives. That they took the oath for… not risk their lives with gunshots that the teachers would have heard. And start going out of the window… Just A straight coward. White people are always going to take up a white people. Morning Joe should have went in on the resource officer. but then again!!! they didn't even go in on the one before him 🤫 so what the hell did I expect 😐 or the viewers…… 😑😑😑

  6. I can’t imagine this pain as I’m father of 4 girls why these things happen I just can’t imagine the pain why take these innocent kids away like this is terrible little babies rip smh

  7. Guns: We defend our president, Congressman, Governors, celebrities, sporting events, banks, ….we defend our children with a sign that reads: “THIS IS A GUN FREE ZONE.” By Grady Powell. it should be the other way around.

  8. I've asked this for years. Why don't we have the national guard or reserves on duty walking our school premises. People only target where they know weapons are not allowed. I would as a parent feel far safer dropping my kids off at school knowing cops or military post is on premises.

  9. Why aren't they talking about the killing games he has on his phone or on his computer, that's two or three massive shootings nothing is mentioned about that and I guarantee you that's where they learn to kill

  10. So what exactly needs to happen before change starts happening? Because I've honestly sadly seen more people defend guns then protecting the kids

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